It’s fair to say I’m more of a sunset person than a sunrise person… But this has absolutely nothing to do with the visual appeal of sunset as opposed to sunrise, and everything to do with the fact that I make a habit of being in bed when the sun is rising (and for as long I can manage thereafter).

Sunrise actually does have its fair share of advantages over sunset when it comes to nature, landscape, and wildlife photography. For a start there’s less chance of people getting in the way, and animals are more likely to be out and about. The colours at sunrise tend to be noticeably cooler, and brighter in intensity, which at least makes for different photos, if not better ones. Then there’s the fact that most photographers just aren’t getting up that early, so sunrise photos are less common than photos taken at other times of day.

I thought I’d have a look around for some good sunrise shots and share them with you here, in hope that they might inspire you to get out and take some of your own.

As I sit here writing this in several layers of warm clothing, yet still feeling the cold, I have to admit it hasn’t worked for me. I’ll stay in my warm bed as long as I can, thanks. I guess this is why I’ll never be a pro photographer.











Do you have any sunrise photos to share? Or any tips for budding photographers who want to give sunrise photography a try? Let us know by commenting below.

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