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Bearded man. Hiking enthusiast. Blogger. Non-hipster Melbournian. Mayora. Freelance writer, sub-editor, and online comm’s guy.

I’m passionate about a lot of things, like hiking, nature, conservation, writing, human rights, music, and art in all it’s forms.

I’m fascinated by technology, marketing, cryptocurrency, social media, and online communities.

I’ve even done fun things like playing in bands (badly) and making and acting in short films (so very badly… Although I did win a couple of awards for the soundtracks).

Hmmm… What else can I tell you? I once wore a school dress on a hike but don’t worry, it was for charity (you should probably read the article).

That reminds me, I’m helping the good folk at World Expeditions bring the Youth4Youth Challenge (a team charity bushwalking challenge for kids) to Melbourne in 2014. I’m super-excited about this, and there’ll be plenty more info about it coming soon.

Considering you’re here, you’ve probably realised that blogging is one of the things I love doing most. I guess I’m not too bad at it either. Sometimes, people even write about me and give me awards and things…


So that’s me. I’m, like, totally complex and stuff…

While I’ve got your attention, there are bucket-loads of different skills involved in blogging and I’d love to use some of them to help you (or your business) communicate online. Get in touch with me below to see what I can do for you (I’m working on a Hire Me page, so I’ll link that up here ASAP).

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