If you’ve noticed that things have been a bit quiet around here lately, it’s because I’ve been working on something new.

It’s been in the making since December last year (and in my head for years before that), but it’s finally ready. Or at least ready enough to show you.

AussieHikingTours.com is an online booking site for nature-based walking tours. Not just full pack-carry multi-day treks, but also more luxurious accommodated holidays with day-hikes most days, single day hikes, half-day hikes, vehicle tours with a significant nature walking element, and everything in between. There are even day tours where you’ll have the opportunity to hike as well as kayak or bike ride.

I’m currently selling 51 tours, but I’ll be adding new ones every week and the current selection is well representative of what Australia has to offer. Soon, I’m planning to list self-guided options where gear, food and trip notes are provided for you as well. I aim to (soon) cover every option for the traveller who prefers their holidays to be spent in nature.

I’ve experienced a handful of these tours myself, so I’ll make sure that where that’s the case they’re linked back to the corresponding post here on Bushwalking Blog. For the ones I haven’t been on myself I’ve got a pretty good idea of what they involve, so feel free to get in touch should you need any help making a choice or finding what’s right for you.


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I’ve noticed some confusion when it comes to comparing similar tours offered by different tour operators, so where there are similar tours listed, there’s a section on the page that describes the options and their advantages.

For those who have ever contacted me for any reason in the past, you’ll know that that (I spend far too much time in front of the computer) I’m always here to help. In most cases, I’ll reply within 24 hours. The AussieHikingTours.com site also has a live chat function, so I’ll be on there as much as I can to answer questions, too (the “E-mail us” button on the bottom right will change when I’m available to chat).

If you want to hear from me occasionally by e-mail with AussieHikingTours.com promotions and competitions, new tour listings, and anything I’ve posted on the AussieHikingTours.com blog, please sign up for the newsletter. As those of you who’ve signed up for the Bushwalking Blog newsletter will know, I’m firmly anti-spam. There’s also the Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Please feel free to contact me with any feedback (good or utterly terrible), comments, suggestions, questions… anything really. I’m hoping version 2.0 of the website will be underway within the next 12 months, so help me make it better.

Other than that, please head over to AussieHikingTours.com and have a look. Like, now. Please. Thanks. That would be awesome.