In the seven years since I started Bushwalking Blog I’ve formed relationships with lots of outdoor gear brands, and ended up on even more outdoor gear brand mailing lists. So every week, all kinds of bargains land in my Inbox.

More recently, I’ve been working on something new that involves selling tours (more on that very soon), so I’m also hearing about heaps of discounted outdoor adventure tours around the country.

I’ve experimented with blogging about a bargain here and there, and I’ve posted a few links to the Bushwalking Blog Facebook and Twitter accounts, but the feedback from some of you guys hasn’t been positive. Unsurprisingly, not everyone wants to know about these deals, no matter how crazy they are, and that’s absolutely fair enough.

I still want to share them, though, because as we all know I like to share. So that’s why I’ve started Aussie Outdoor Deals, a Facebook page ( and Twitter account ( where I can share ALL of the bargains.

I’ll be posting the best bargains I can find on gear for hiking, mountain biking, climbing and abseiling, skiing and snowboarding, paddling, surfing, and any other outdoor pursuit you can think of. If they’re for international vendors, I’ll be sure to take shipping into account. I’ll also post any specials on outdoor adventure tours around the country, for those who don’t like to go it alone.

I’m not planning on filling up your feed either. I’ll probably post between zero and four deals per day (and on Facebook, you’ll probably hardly even see them unless you visit the page directly).

Just so you know, some of these deals will come from companies that I do have a relationship with, and some of them are offering me a percentage of sales. This doesn’t have any influence on the price you pay, though. That’s not how I roll. It will be the same for you whether you click on my link or go directly to their website. I’m not even planning to post bargains strictly from these companies, so I won’t always be making anything from the links I post. My focus is on sharing bargains.


So if you’re interested, please head over and like/follow Aussie Outdoor Deals on Twitter and Facebook. If you’ve got any questions or comments, please let me know by commenting below.