Whether you’re the type of camper who likes active days and relaxing nights, or you prefer as much time sitting as possible, you’re going to need the best camping chair you can find to make your camping trip as relaxing as can be.
A camping chair is where you wind up your day of outdoor adventures. It’s where you finally feel relaxed and like you’ve shed the worries of your day to day life, where you crack your first beer and tell a story while someone lights the campfire. When you’re relaxing at the campsite, the real world should feel about a million miles away.

When you think of it that way, deciding which chair to buy is a seriously important decision…

There are many camping chairs on the market, and all of them promise to be the best. Not all of them will fit your needs, though. Buying the wrong one can lead to a lot of wasted money. When you are looking for the best camping chair for the Australian nature lover, you need to make sure you get the right one from the start.

Oztent King Kokoda Chair: The best weight capacity

King Kokoda Chair
When you are looking for the ultimate in comfort out of your camping chair with some great armrests, then this is the best camping chair for your needs. Many camping chairs do not provide the support that you need and may feel unsteady when you sit down. This seat adds some sturdiness to the mix both when you get in and out of the chair. The padded seat comes with adjustable lumbar support to make sure your back is supported and two insulated drink holders will help you relax all day.

The carry bag will provide some additional padding when you add it to the headrest and the chair has the ability to hold 150kg of weight so you can use it for a long time. Enjoy the extra length in the back and comfortable headrest, along with accessory pockets to hold all of your items too. If you are looking for all the comfort that you will ever need while camping, then this is one of the best camping chairs in Australia.

Outdoor Connection King Rocker Camp Chair: The Best Rocking Camp Chair

Outdoor Connection King Rocker Camp Rocking Chair
Sit back and rock with this great option from Outdoor Connection. This chair works great whether you want to relax on your front porch or you are ready to heat out camping. The chair is sturdy with a 600D fabric cover and a rated capacity of 130kg. it also comes with a rocking arm that can clip right onto the bottom of the front leg, making it easy to convert from a rocking chair to a regular camping chair if you choose. With a high back and a padded cover, you can sit back and enjoy yourself while out in nature.

On one side of this chair, you will notice there is a storage pocket that will help you keep your phone and all other items you bring close by and a drink holder to make relaxing easier. With all the comfort and affordability that comes with this chair, it will quickly become the best camp chair in your collection.

OZtrail Moon Chair Single with Arms: The Best Comfort Chair

Oztrail Moon Chair With Arms
Get ready to cuddle up while camping and not want to move for the whole weekend. The wrap around arms on this chair make it one of the most comfortable and lightweight camping chairs on the list, with an extra-large drink holder so you won’t have to move that much! This moon camping chair only takes a few seconds to set up and is made out of strong 600D polyester fabric and a rated capacity of 120kg to help you feel comfortable all weekend long.

Inside the chair, there is a double-layer of fabric to provide a bit more of the padded foam you need for support compared to some of the other chairs out there. When you are ready to leave at the end of the trip, folding up and storing the chair will only take a few seconds, making clean-up a breeze. It is sturdy, comfortable, and has all the additional features that you need to really enjoy your camping trip.

Zempire Roco Light Camp Chair V2: The Lightest Camping Chair

Zempire Roco Light Camp Chair
For a compact camping chair that has a back high enough to sit down and enjoy a meal but comfortable enough that you can relax and take a nap in during the afternoon, then this option from Zempire is the best option for your needs. This chair is made out of rustproof aluminium so it can spend all day outside with you without worries of wearing it down. With a 120kg weight rating and wooden armrests, you can enjoy the ultimate in comfort without the difficulty of getting out of it.

The seat is made out of really strong 900D polyester and the back-support brace adds a bit more stability to those who need it. When you are done camping, this chair is able to easily pack up into its own carry back that will keep the whole chair safe and sound while in storage. When you need the best in comfort, practicality, and support while out camping, this chair is the best camping chair for your needs.

OZtrail RV Statesman Sun Lounge: The Chair with the Best Support

Oztrail RV Statesman Sun Lounge
The premium design in this chair will help you sit back and relax the whole weekend. With sturdy support from your feet to your head, this recliner chair is sure to live up to its name and give you everything that you need. The premium design in this one will feature a durable powder-coated steel frame, vertical stabilizing legs, and 3 hubs for durability and strength. The seat is also made out of a durable 600D polyester and double padding so you feel comfortable the whole time.

Whether you are talking with others at the campsite or you are looking for a long camping chair to sit back and relax, this OZtrail option is one of the best. It is set up to recline in several positions with some heavy-duty plastic armrests that will help you to relax and rest while you are ready for a nap. Adjust the headrest to make sure that you get all the enjoyment that you need out of this sun lounging chair.

Oztent Gecko Directors Chair With Table: The Chair with the Best Accessories

Oztent Gecko Directors Chair with Table

When looking for the best camp chairs, look no further than this option from Oztent. This is made from the same durable and reliable materials that you have seen in other Oztent chairs over the year, but with the addition of the small table, you are going to really love all using this chair. The heavy-duty steel frame and strong fabric provide adjustable lumbar support. And the side table will pivot so you can use it or move it out of the way.

Do not worry about being uncomfortable in this chair. The additional lumbar support is meant to help provide you with some back relief while you sit, and it is strong enough to hold up to 150kg of weight. When it is time to pick up the chair and head on home, you will be surprised at how flat it can fold. Take it to the lake, out camping, or to enjoy sitting outside during the summer with those you love.

Coleman 5 Position Padded Chair:: The Best Coleman Chair

Coleman 5 Position Padded Chair

Coleman camp chairs are some of the best in the business and this one is no exception. This is a classic from Coleman, providing all the support and stability that you need. And it allows for 5 different positions based on how you want to use the chair and what is the most comfortable for you. to make some adjustments, you just need to sit down and then lift the arms up or down until you get it just right.

This Coleman camp chair comes with one of the strongest steel frames that will hold up to all the elements. With a safety lock, you know that the chair will never fall or break on you. You can also choose whether to keep the beverage in the drink holder or remove it to make it easier to use the chair. With a simple carry strap attached, it is easy to pick this chair up and head out for some fun.

Oztrail Duralite 7 Position Recliner Chair: The Chair with the Most Options

Duralite 7 Position Recliner Chair
If you are looking for a wanderer camping chair, then this option will suit your needs. With 7 different recline adjustments and comfortable arms, this will help you to rest at ease while camping, without all of the bulk that traditionally comes with these types of chairs.

It is a sturdy and simple chair with a weight capacity of 150kg and a 420D soft touch Ripstop fabric for comfort and strength. Transportation is very easy since this chair is light and comes with its own zippered carry bagg to enjoy along the way as well.

23Zero Senator Chair: The Easiest to Pack Up

23Zero Senator Chair

This camping chair best is a great option when you want to relax and keep all your camping gear nearby the whole time. With a double layer of fabric and a strong steel frame, it offers a weight capacity up to 150kg while still being very stable. And with the nice little pouch that comes attached, you can store your books, drinks, and smartphone all in one place.

Another neat feature of this chair is the clever swing-out drink holder that is easy to bring out and hold onto any drink that you would like. And when it is time to pack up, this is easy and simple to complete. Enjoy comfort and style with the help of this comfortable chair.

Oztrail Galaxy 2 Seater Camp Chair: The Best Double Camping Chair

Oztrail Galaxy 2 Seater Camp Chair Review
This is the double camping chair that you have been looking for. This moon chair is the right size for two people to sit together, with a weight capacity at 240kg. Whether you want to head out camping, to the concert, or somewhere else, this chair is strong enough to handle two people while providing all the comfort that you need and plenty of accessories to store your drinks and all your other accessories.

To learn more about this double camping chair, read The Bushwalking Blog’s full-length review of this camping chair here.

Oztrail Moon Chair Junior Kids Chair: The Best Kids Camping Chair

OZtrail Moon Chair Junior Kids Chair

Bring the kids along for your next camping trip with this stylish and comfortable camping chair. This is the best camping chair for kids with a rated capacity at 80kg and all the extra storage for games, colouring, and even snacks.

The design of this chair has additional safety features in mind to make sure it is safe for kids. This means that there are no sneaky gaps for fingers, legs, or arms to get stuck in. your child will feel all grown-up with their own chair and all the comforts they could need while camping.

Picking the Best Camping Chair

When you are looking for the best camping chair, there are a lot of great things to consider when making sure you get the one for your needs. Check out these amazing camping chairs for the next time you want to go out camping with friends and family in Australia.
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Got yourself a great camping chair? Which model did you buy? If you have any stories, updates or corrections, please let us know by commenting below.

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