You love being active on the outdoors. Camping, backpacking, hiking, biking – that’s your cup of java. And what fuels those adventures? No, it’s coffee. It’s a good night’s sleep. But there’s no denying that it’s getting harder and harder for you to get up off the ground in the morning.

You used to scoff at those camping stretchers as unnecessary weight. But now you’re thinking the extra weight may be worth a good night’s sleep.

You toss and turn all night trying to get comfortable. You’ve looked into the best camping mattresses. But even they aren’t giving you the quality sleep that you need to enjoy your adventures.

Sleeping on the ground takes its toll on your back, your hips, and your knees. If our best camping mattresses aren’t enough to give you a good night’s sleep, then it’s time to try a camping stretcher.

A camp stretcher is an elevated, portable bed that you can take with you wherever you go adventuring. Some include a mattress, while others just provide a flat smooth surface for you to add your choice of camping mattress.

Because it sits off the ground, a camping stretcher bed relieves the pressure on your back, hips, and knees – especially for side sleepers. It’s also easier to get out of bed in the morning without killing your knees. Another convenient side effect of it being off the ground is that there’s a convenient place to stow your gear.

Being up off the ground has the added benefit of keeping you dry in wet weather.

What Makes these camp stretchers the best camping beds?

  1. SturdyAll of these camp stretchers feature steel alloy, or powder coated steel frames. That means they won’t snap when you turn over at night.
  2. Comfortable – The most important part of any camping bed is comfort. Because if you’re not comfortable, you’re not sleeping. Each of these camping beds has its own features to help you rest in comfort.
  3. QuietHave you ever slept on a squeaky bed? No one likes being woken up by the horrid screeching of metal grating against metal. So do your mates a solid, and make sure your bed is quiet.
  4. Durable – The design and materials of these camp beds are durable. These beds may be put up and broken down on a daily basis. And they’re built to withstand that kind of wear and tear.
  5. Portable – While these are not lightweight backpacking stretchers—the lightest here is 4.5 kg— they do pack down into easily carried bundles. They also all come with their own carry bags.

How to Choose the Best Camping Stretcher for Your Back

If you have back issues, then you need to have a go at several types of camping stretchers before deciding what works best for you.

Think about your mattress at home. Is it firm and flat? Is there a little give to it? Some of these camping beds will hold you like you’re in a firm hammock. While some camping stretchers are flat and sturdy.

Your sleep position will also affect how well these beds will work for you. If you’re a belly sleeper, then sleeping in a camping stretcher that has more give may irritate your back instead of help it.

So don’t be afraid to give the stretcher a go before you decide on one. And remember you can always add on a camping mattress for extra cushion and comfort.

Oztent King Goanna Stretcher Series II

Best Camping Stretcher Beds

The Oztent King Goanna Stretcher is highly functional. Its steel, cross frame design is sturdy. The 600D polyester is insulated with 1cm of foam insulation for those chilly nights. And at 80 cm wide and 210 cm long even the taller frames among us can sleep without their feet dangling over the edge. 

Conveniently placed side pockets allow you to store your phone or flashlight for that late night run to the bathroom. And there’s even one for your water bottle as well.

This camping stretcher folds up nicely to the size of a large camp chair. It weighs 12 kg with a weight rating of 150 kg.

OZtrail Anywhere Bed

Available Sizes: Single and Queen sizes

Best Camping Stretcher Beds

A great option for those who need an extra bed either at home or on the trail is the OZtrail Anywhere Bed. It includes a blow-up PVC mattress with an integral pillow and side pockets. It’s sturdy and packs away all in one piece in seconds. It’s easy to store and easy to pack up. 

The OZtrail is a little less than 2 meters with a weight rating of 120 kg. All together it weighs 9 kg. The only difference between the queen size version of this camping bed is that the queen does not have an integral pillow.

OZtrail RV Rhino Camping Bed

Best Camping Stretcher Beds

If you’re an all weather camping sort, then the OZtrail RV Rhino Bed is a great option. The self leveling feet keep you stable on any surface. The adjustable height lets you choose the height that works best for your camp set up. And there’s even a safety lock mechanism when you set it up, so you can be sure it’ll hold you all night.

The OZtrail RV Rhino Bed also comes with a removable high density foam pad. Keep yourself warm during those chilly night outs by sleeping with the pad. But when the weather warms up, you can take it off so you don’t sweat all night.

At 215 cm long and 88cm wide you’ve got plenty of room to roll over and stretch out. The weight rating is 150 kg and it weighs 13.5 kg.

Darche XL 100 Camp Stretcher

Coleman All Terrain Queen Double High Airbed

The Darche XL 100 Stretcher is compatible with multiple swags. It got a simple design with an easy set up. This camp stretcher provides the sleeper with a flat surface to sleep on. And the steel alloy frame keeps it light and strong.

At 216 cm long and 100 cm wide, the Darche XL 100 Stretcher allows room for even the most restless thrash comfortably. Weight rating is 150 kg and it weighs 10 kg.

Darche Kozi Camp Stretcher

Available Sizes: King and Queen sizes

Best Camping Stretcher Beds

The Darche KOZI Stretcher goes the extra mile to give you the most comfortable sleep you’ll get while camping.

This camp stretcher has stay-put elastics at the corner of your bed to keep your chosen camp mattress from moving when you toss and turn. There are no cross bars to poke you at night. And they even include an attached pouch for you to store your pillow in. That means that your pillow won’t slide around while you sleep.

There’s a small gear sling beneath the stretcher to store your favorite bedtime story—or snacks—and small side pockets for your flashlight or phone.

The Darche KOZI Stretcher comes in a king and a queen size. The king is 216 cm long and 90 cm wide with a weight rating of 150 kg.

The queen sized Darche KOZI Stretcher is larger and sleeps two adults. It’s 200 cm long and 144 cm wide. Its weight rating is 150 kg per side, and it weighs 16.2 kg.

OZtent RS−1S King Single Stretcher Series II

OZtent RS−1S King Single Stretcher Series II

If stability is your main concern, the OZtent RS-1S King Single Camp Stretcher Series II is what you’re looking for. It’s added anti-sway stabilizer bars and steel construction give heftier folks the peace of mind. You won’t have to worry about being dumped out of bed half way through the night.

The OZtent RS camp stretcher has the highest weight rating on our list. It’ll take 200kg just fine. It’s 217 cm long, 107 cm wide and it weighs 15 kg.

OZtent Deluxe Double Bunk Camping Bed

OZtent Deluxe Double Bunk Camping Bed

Are you tired of your kids crawling all over each other in the middle of the night because the one farthest from the tent door has to use the bathroom? Well, the OZtent Deluxe Double Bunk Camping Bed might just be for you.

Using a bunk bed saves space in your tent, and allows you kids to get up without disturbing the whole campground. But it’s also versatile.

You can use these camping beds independently of each other. Is one kid not sleeping well? No problem. Detach the bunk bed and bring it into your tent so your child can sleep with you.

Now you may have qualms about how stable camping bunk beds can actually be, but you don’t have to worry. These beds have a no-tip design, and they include safety rails on the top bunk.

Even more amazing? They don’t squeak when the top person moves! Hooray for uninterrupted sleep!

When used separately these camping beds have a weight rating of 120 kg. But when you stack them the top bunk is only rated for 100kg – which is still substantial.

OZtrail Easy Fold Single Jumbo Stretcher

OZtrail Easy Fold Single Jumbo Stretcher

The OZtrail Easy Fold Jumbo Camp Stretcher boasts a 10 second setup time. Talk about quick and easy!

It provides a flat, stable sleeping surface for those backs that prefer flat and firm. There are also no head or foot bars that might annoy taller sleepers in the night. And you can keep all of your essential gear within reach in the gear loft or one of the side pockets.

It’s 217 cm long and 90 cm wide with a weight rating of 150 kg. It weighs a total of 11.4 kg.

Zempire W Leg Stretcher Bed V2

Zempire W Leg Stretcher Bed V2

The lightest camp stretcher on our list is the Zempire W Leg Stretcher Bed V2. Weighing in at 5.5kg, this camping stretcher comes together smoothly with a bit of assembly. Its wide leg design locks in place making it a sturdy comfortable option for sleeping off the ground.

The Zempire W Leg Stretcher Bed V2 is 194 cm long and 65.5 wide with a weight rating of 100 kg.

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