A camp table can make or break your trip. That may sound dramatic but, considering all of the uses a table has on a camping trip, it’s worth choosing carefully. If your camping table isn’t big enough, strong enough, or stable enough, it’s going to make a big difference. You’ve chosen the best camping chairs for your needs, so why wouldn’t the table require the same amount of effort?

We’ve put together a list of ten tables for camping that all have great attributes for camping and are perfect for different situations. If you are looking for a new big, small, folding, compact, large or plastic camping table, check out this round-up to find the best table for your needs.

Comparison table:

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OZtrail Bamboo Table

Available Sizes: 65cm and 100cm.

Zempire Monstamat Mattress

This lightweight bamboo and aluminium table has the advantage of adjustable legs which is perfect for those less than flat camping situations. Each leg has a lock that’s operated with your thumb and you can have the table set to 50, 60 or 70cm high.

It’s rated to hold 50kgs and it weighs only 8.6 kgs so it’s easy to carry from the car to the campsite.

This table also folds in half for storage, taking up half the space, and keeps the legs tucked inside so they don’t catch on anything. A handy carry bag is also provided.

Zempire Kitpac V2 Camp Table

Available Sizes: Large and Standard

Monstalite Thermo Matress

With its rustproof aluminium frame this table is rust-resistant when you camp in wet conditions. The bamboo top is lightweight and durable and looks good in the bargain.

It’s got a great leg locking system that ensures your legs won’t suddenly fold up and tip everything off your table as well as easily adjustable leg heights for a low sunset snack table to its full height for meal prep.

And speaking of a few sunset drinks, this table has a built-in bottle opener so you not only don’t have to pack one but you don’t have to leave the table to open your beer.

Another thing we like about this table is that it has micro-adjustable feet that we can spin up and down to get a perfectly stable table on uneven ground making meal prep even easier.

This table will take a 50kg weight on it and has a two-year warranty. The table weighs 7.5kgs and comes with a carry bag which also keeps off the dust and bugs while it’s in storage.

Darche Traka Table

Available Sizes: 120cm and 180cm.

Zempire Bomberpad Mattress

The biggest advantage of this camping table is that it’s aluminium and you can put hot things on it without damaging it like you can with wooden ones. It’s huge and easy to clean with its metal top.

It folds out to nearly six feet and only weighs 10.8kgs making it worth taking for big families who will have a lot of people to put around a table. These tables fold down into thirds making them much easier than blow moulded plastic tables to carry, store and transport.

The downside is that the bigger tables end up under a lot more pressure as you can put more on them and you’ll need to be careful how much weight you put on the ends where the struts can only take so much before buckling.

An attractive black and orange colour combination that combines easy to see with style.

Zempire Slatpac Camp Table

Available Sizes: Large and Standard.

Coleman All Terrain Queen Double High Airbed

The gadget lovers will love this very lightweight transformer table with its unfolding base mechanism and the clip-on table slats. It’s one the kids will enjoy putting together for you too.

It folds down much smaller than comparable folding camp tables and being aluminium, it’s light and rust-resistant so this is a table worth looking at if packing space is at a premium. This table weighs in at just under 6kgs and comes with a carry bag.

You can adjust the legs individually and use the micro adjusters on the feet for stability on an uneven surface. This table will take a 30kg weight.

The larger tables are comparable with wooden tables size wise but are so much lighter and stow down to a smaller size.

Oztent Bi−Fold Steel Table − Aluminum Top​

Coleman Supportrest Elite Pillowtop Queen Air Bed

Made from powder-coated steel this table has a five-year warranty and will take a 50kgs weight load. It’s made for the rigours of camping outdoors.

The tabletop is aluminium and lets you put burners and hot pots on it without damaging the surface and it folds into thirds allowing you to put it easily in the boot of the car for transport. It also has a handy carry handle.

This aluminium camping table is strong, stable and perfect for camping or picnicking. It folds out to 1.2m and is great for food prep, a game of cards or sitting around with the family to eat.

This table has great reviews and a 5-year warranty.

Outdoor Connection Fortis Slat Table

Coleman Queen Size Double High Quickbed

A very stylish looking black table that wouldn’t be out of place on the patio at home, it’s as strong as it is stylish with a powder-coated steel frame and lightweight aluminium slats.

The legs and strut placement work well to allow four people to eat at it but if you are using it for jigsaws or craft you might want a tablecloth, so you don’t lose things through the gaps in the slats.

This table breaks down into two pieces for very easy transport, but some people find it a bit of a challenge to put up and pull down, so be wary if patience isn’t your thing.

This folding camp table is great for campers with small awkward storage places like caravans as it folds down quite small and into two separate pieces that don’t have to be stored together if Tetris packing is your thing.

Holds 25 kgs, weighs 6.4kgs, comes with a carry bag and has a one-year warranty.

OZtrail Easy Table 4 Folding Table

Oztrail Camp Mat

Aluminum tables are great for camp kitchens as you can put your burner and the odd hot pot on it without dings and damage to the surface. This folding camping table is suitable to hold burners.

The specs say it seats four people but would be cozy if they were all adults as it’s not quite a meter square. But as an extra table for the kids or meal prep, it would be perfect.

Nice and light at just 4.7kgs, the kids will have fun carrying and setting this one up for you when you go on a family camping trip.

Some people find the setup tricky but once you’ve got the hang of it, it’s a good sturdy table that is worth the few extra minutes.

This table holds 30kgs, is made completely from aluminium and has a one year warranty.

Coleman Pack Away Table & Bench 3 Pce Set

Oztrail Camp Mat

A bulky but oh so practical table that has the flexibility of having two bench seats as part of the package. It makes the best kids camping table.

The attractive dark grey blow-moulded plastic tabletop and bench seats are held up by powder-coated steel legs making this a very strong table. It will hold 200kgs of weight but is still light enough for the kids to lug around the campsite depending on your needs.

It’s got a very easy setup and fold down and the whole thing folds up and clips together so that it can be carried with one hand.

This type of plastic tabletop is very water and weatherproof and also UV resistant making them great for a robust family camping trip in all weathers.

Having built-in benches is a bonus for families who need extra seating that takes up very little extra room in the car. This Colemans camping table packs down flat and fits in the boot of the car nicely.

Coleman 4 Foot Fold in Half Table

Oztrail Camp Mat

A good sturdy blow moulded plastic folding camp table that is strong and can handle a robust family camping trip without problems. Not a compact table but with the bulk comes the strength and this table will take up to 200kgs.

These tables are very versatile and are often found in markets, garages and homes as well as the campsite, making it a great purchase if you have a need for a temporary table in any circumstances.

Another advantage of this particular table is that the legs can be extended for extra height for taller people if it’s needed.

This table fold in half with the legs folded in, has a carry handle, weighs a surprisingly light 6.4kgs and has a one-year warranty

Coleman Square Card Table

Oztrail Camp Mat

A classic card table made from modern materials for the family camping trip this table will bring back memories for those who have been camping for most of their lives.

It’s made from a dark grey blow moulded plastic making it robust and strong and has folding steel legs with pinch-free locks and is a breeze to put up.

It will handle a whopping 180kgs of weight on it if needed but is perfect for eating meals at, camp food preparation or even a game of cards.

A simple inexpensive basic campsite table that does what it says it will and has no pretensions to be anything else.

This camping table weighs 4.9kgs and comes with a one year warranty.

You need to know how you will use your campsite table before you choose one. Hot pots and bamboo tops don’t mix and if you are planning on the kids doing a lot of colouring-in, a slat table won’t be your best pick either.

Once you know what you’ll be doing with it, find one that’s the right size for your family  and the right budget for your pocket and you will be choosing the best camping table for your camping style and needs. Camping tables seem such a simple thing until they don’t work the way you need them to. Spend the time looking at our top ten camping tables and make sure you get the one that will add an extra star to your camping trip. 

Happy camping!

Disclaimer: The above links are affiliate links, meaning I will be given a percentage of all purchases. This doesn’t mean you pay anything extra and doesn’t influence the opinions I have presented in this article in any way.

Got any recommendations for the best camping tables? If you have any stories, updates or corrections, please let us know by commenting below.

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