It can sometimes seem like camping and quality sleep don’t go hand in hand. You can either have an exciting camping experience or a good night’s sleep at home – not both. However, if you have superior sleeping equipment like a double sleeping bag, you might be surprised at how many Zs you can catch. Before you set off on your next outdoor adventure, consider treating yourself to one of the best double sleeping bags money can buy.

Below we’ll take you through all of the best sleeping bags for two options on the Australian market. You’ve put the work in to make sure you have a good tent and mattress. Why wouldn’t you do the same for your double sleeping bag? 

What to Consider Before Purchasing a Double Sleeping Bag

With so many standout options on the market and several reputable brands, it might not be as easy as you first thought to decide which double sleeping bag you’re going to buy. Many are packed full of convenient features, such as the Outwell double sleeping bag and Vango Harmony double sleeping bag, but not all will be suitable for your needs.

Before hitting the buy-now button, take a moment to consider the following points. You can be on your way to a successful sleeping bag purchase in no time.


When you load all your camping possessions into a vehicle and drive them to your favourite camping spot, the weight of a sleeping bag might not matter. However, it can when you’re on a hiking trip and have to carry whatever you’re taking on your back.

Pay special attention to the weight, as some double size sleeping bags are far heavier than others. However, take a moment to think about why they might be heavier. Some sleeping bags have extra bulk for warmth, which leads us to our next point…


Warmth can be a considerable problem when camping in the great outdoors. In some parts of Australia, you’ll have no trouble drifting off to sleep, but temperatures can plummet in other parts, leading to challenges maintaining your body temperature. 

Think about the climate and weather conditions when you purchase a double sleeping bag down under for your next camping trip. Some are designed for wintry conditions, while others are designed for use in the heat of summer. Take note of the comfort rating, which generally outlines the temperatures each sleeping bag allows you to remain comfortable in.

It’s also worth noting that double sleeping bags don’t always cinch around the neck area, allowing you to trap heat in. Fortunately, if you plan to share your sleeping bag with your significant other, their body heat can more than make up for that drawback.


It might not cross your mind to consider materials when you’re on the hunt for the best double sleeping bag, but they’re not all made equally. Some are purely synthetic, which can mean they’re cheaper than bags with higher-quality materials. You might also see some for sale featuring a synthetic and down blend or even flannel sheet-like material as a liner.

When you take note of the materials featured in your sleeping bag of choice, research the pros and cons. Some are more breathable, warm, and comfortable than others.

Conversion Feature

When you buy a double sleeping bag, you might do so to snuggle up to your spouse or spread out without feeling like you’re in a potato sack. On the odd occasion, you might need to share your sleeping bag with a friend or children.

In that case, consider whether you need the flexibility of a double bag that converts into two singles with a zip. This can be worth considering to ensure all camping trips can be comfortable.


A double sleeping bag means a double sleeping bag, right? As in, it’s two singles joint together. You might assume that, but it’s not always the case. Dimensions can differ across all brands, and a snug fit in one brand might be roomy in another.

Sometimes, sleeping bags taper downward, which means both people sleeping in the bag might have less room than if they purchased one that didn’t taper downward. If you believe dimensions are going to be a deciding factor, pay close attention to them before making your decision.


When you make any significant purchase, it’s worth keeping the warranty in mind. The last thing any camper wants to do is purchase something that ends up not being fit for purpose or breaking the first time you use it. Find the warranty information as you would with 4WD awnings, camping showers, and other camping equipment.

Some sleeping bags come with standard one-year warranties, while other brands are generous enough to offer limited lifetime warranties.


The Best Double Sleeping Bags

Now that you know the most important factors to consider before purchasing a new double sleeping bag, you start learning about some of the best options on the market. Here are just a few of the many double size sleeping bags you might like to consider.

Best Double Sleeping Bags: Darche Cold Mountain 1400 Double Sleeping Bag Dual

This Darche Cold Mountain 1400 double sleeping bag is on the cusp of replacing the dog as man’s best friend. We’ve deemed it the first choice for the best double sleeping bags on the Australian market. Whether you’re on a solo or couple’s adventure, it’s bound to keep you warm and cosy in the great outdoors.

This sleeping bag features water-resistant polyester, two fibre-filled layers, a soft liner, a 3D collar, and a wind baffle. You can sleep inside this sleeping bag as it is, or unzip it and use it as a doona. It has dual anti-snag zippers on the left and right sides, further adding to this bag’s convenience.

What’s more, this dual sleeping bag is suitable for temperatures as cold as -12°C, meaning you can wake up feeling ready to start the day, rather than frozen to the bone.

Dimensions: 250cm x 140cm
Comfort Rating: -12°C
Materials: Hollow fibre fill, silk-touch polyester lining
Shape: Square
Weight: 3.7kg
Suggested Use: Camping and touring
Warranty: 1 year

Darche Hi-View Roof Top Tents

This Sea to Summit Amplitude Am3 double sleeping bag might tick all the boxes on those cold evenings by yourself or with a significant other. There’s room for two in this bag with multiple zips, a rectangular shape, and an ultra-wide circumference for a little moving room.

Of particular note is its comfort rating of -8°C, which means that this sleeping bag keeps you cosy and warm even on those chillier evenings. It also helps that it has side block baffles for insulation, R.D.S certified 750+ loft down fill, and vertical baffles around the chest area to prevent cold spots. 

This nylon travel and trekking-compatible sleeping bag can also be zipped to other compatible sleeping bags for extra room and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Dimensions: 205cm x 160cm
Comfort Rating: -8°C
Shape: Contoured rectangular
Weight: 1.780kg
Suggested Use: Trekking and travel
Warranty: Limited lifetime

Darche Panorama Roof Top Tents

When you’re on a tight budget but still require a high-quality sleeping bag, this Coleman double sleeping bag could be worth your consideration. It’s a Mudgee C5 bag that’s suitable for individuals and couples and can even be divided to suit the kids.

It keeps you warm and comfortable in temperatures as low as 4.4°C and has warm fleece and a comfort cuff for softness. You’re also bound to appreciate the generous oversized rectangular design, polyester insulation for warmth, and convenient machine-washable design.

Somehow, Coleman has created a double sleeping bag for all manner of camping adventures while keeping it affordable for everyone to enjoy.

Dimensions: 190cm x 150cm
Comfort Rating: 5°C
Materials: Brushed polyester, hollow fibre synthetic fill
Shape: Hoodless square
Weight: 4.2kg
Suggested Use: Camping
Warranty: 1 year

Spinifex Twilight Double Sleeping Bag

The Spinifex Twilight 2 in 1 synthetic sleeping bag is competitively priced to leave room in your budget for all your other campsite luxuries. You’ll love having the choice between two separate sleeping bags or one big cosy one, especially after a night your sleeping bag buddy’s snoring.

It’s a little smaller than some of the other options, isn’t quite as warm and doesn’t feel quite as luxurious. On the upside, though, this means it’s relatively lightweight and packs down nice and small.


Dimensions: 190cm x 150cm
Comfort Rating: 0°C
Materials: SoftCotton, flannel cotton, ExoTherm ultra-synthetic hollow fibre fill
Shape: Rectangular
Weight: 2.7 kg
Suggested Use: Camping and touring
Warranty: 1 year

23Zero Dakota Roof Top Tent

If you’re not convinced that a standard double sleeping bag will provide the peaceful night’s slumber in the wilderness that you expect, set your sights on this queen-sized OZtrail Outback Comforter instead.

It’s designed to provide you with warmth down to -5°C and has enough space for you to curl up on your own or with someone else. This sleeping bag is also hooded, boasts superior ExoTherm insulation, and has a gentle flannel cotton lining paired with quilted polyester filling.

Its fitted valance allows it to fit snugly onto a mattress, and the zips are designed to be robust and non-snagging. In all ways, this sleeping bag is designed to be an excellent addition to your camping kit.

Dimensions: 200cm x 150cm
Comfort Rating: -5°C
Materials: Cotton, flannel cotton, ultra-synthetic hollow fibre fill
Shape: Rectangular
Weight: 5kg
Suggested Use: Camping
Warranty: 1 year

Disclaimer: The above links are affiliate links, meaning I will be given a percentage of all purchases. This doesn’t mean you pay anything extra and doesn’t influence the opinions I have presented in this article in any way.

Got yourself a great sleeping bag? Which model did you buy? If you have any stories, updates or corrections, please let us know by commenting below.

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