An inflatable stand-up paddleboard (SUP) is a worthwhile addition to any outdoor adventurer’s arsenal. They’re cost-effective, effortless to inflate and deflate and take up minimal space in your home and vehicle.

While some people won’t recommend inflatable SUPs over other solid boards, they are an ideal solution for those who neither plan to catch waves nor use them every weekend. Inflatable paddle boards also tick all the boxes for adventurers who don’t have roof racks, which would typically be necessary for the transportation of a solid board.

You simply need to pop them in your, pack a few snacks and beverages in your SUP deck bag, and hit the road. While most inflatable SUP boards come with hand pumps, we suggest making your adventures a little more relaxing by getting your hands on an air compressor pump and SUP valve adaptor

The sun is shining, and the water is calling, so all that’s left to do now is find the best inflatable stand-up paddle board on the market, add it to your shopping cart, and get the family ready for a classic Australian weekend out in nature.

Considerations for Purchasing the Best Inflatable Sup Boards in Australia

You might know that an inflatable SUP board is a worthwhile purchase, but that doesn’t mean you know which one will suit your needs or offer the best value for money.

We’ve scoured the internet to provide some of the best inflatable paddleboards on the market, including the best inflatable SUPs under $500 that Australia residents can take advantage of. Take note of these considerations below, and you can make your decision with confidence.

Your Skill Level

Before factoring size, price, and other considerations into the purchasing equation, it’s essential to consider your skill level. What you want to use your new inflatable SUP board for might ultimately impact the type you buy.

For example, someone purchasing a SUP board for yoga or safe family fun might opt for a larger, more stable board than someone looking for something lighter and more agile to hone their skills on a lake, river, or ocean.

Size and Stability

Every inflatable stand-up paddle board is different, which means you may like to consider size and stability before making your purchasing decision. Wider boards are typically more stable, making them suitable for beginner paddle boarders, children, and people doing a spot of fishing or yoga.

Longer, narrow inflatable SUPs can be less stable for more experienced users, but they glide effortlessly through the water compared to the shorter, rounder boards. Even board thickness is something to consider since thicker boards can decrease your stability and place you too high in the water. 

Generally, most people under 100kg will enjoy excellent stability with a five-inch thickness, while one or more people on a SUP board weighing over 100kg might opt for a six-inch thickness.


Portability can be just as important as any other feature when hunting for the best inflatable SUPs. As a rule, they are far more convenient than their solid counterparts, but some inflatable options are certainly easier to transport than others.

Look at how they inflate and deflate, what they come in for transportation, and the materials that make them lightweight yet robust for easy storage in your vehicle and home.


When you see the word ‘inflatable’, you might assume that the average inflatable stand up paddle board is not made to last the distance. However, the durability of the materials used in their creation might just surprise you.

Most of the best inflatable paddleboards for sale in Australia feature robust fusions of materials like drop-stitch fabric, plastic, woven fabric, and adhesive layers. Even the SUP boards’ inflatable components that make direct contact with the water are designed to handle regular wear and tear. 


Most inflatable SUPs come with a range of convenient accessories to take your paddleboarding experience to a new level. Take note of these accessories to ensure you’re getting value for money. 

Fixed or removable fins, paddles, a pump, and a carry bag, are essential components to factor into your inflatable SUP budget.

Best Inflatable SUP for Adventures in Australia

After identifying the most important features in a stand-up paddleboard, now might be the time to go shopping. Here are some of the best options on the market for individuals, families, beginners, and seasoned pros.

Kings Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board with Paddle

Available Sizes: 10’6” (adult), 6’10” (children)

Best Inflatable SUP: Kings Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board with Paddle

Outdoor activities shouldn’t be out of reach of the average Australian family, which is what makes this Kings inflatable SUP so desirable. While it’s a high-quality paddleboard for family fun, it’s also a cost-effective one. 

You can purchase adult’s 10’6” and children’s 6’10” boards of the same style, and both are manufactured with single-layer PVC with six-inch drop-stitch cores for durability. These boards also come with high-quality aluminium and plastic paddles and 600-denier nylon carry bags for effortless transportation to your favourite swimming hole. 

The icing on the cake is that you can receive free shipping on the 10’6” adult version when you buy a pair… Perfect for adventure loving couples. 

Dimensions: 10’6” (adult), 6’10” (children)
Weight Rating: 150kg (adult), 70kg (children)
Weight: 10.8kg (adult), 7.4kg (children)
Board Material: Single-layer PVC with a six-inch drop-stitch core
Paddle Material: Aluminium and plastic
Bag Material: 600-denier nylon

Aqua Marina Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards With Paddle

Available Sizes: Monster 2.0 (12’), Magma (11’2”), Coral (10’2”), Beast (10’2”), and Vapor (10’4”)

Best Inflatable SUP: Aqua Marina Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards With Paddle

When you want to take your paddleboarding experience to the next level, don’t look past inflatable stand up paddleboards with paddles from Aqua Marina. Not only do you get to choose from a range of size options to suit each member of your family, but you also benefit from an abundance of standout features and accessories.

All boards feature double-wall drop-stitch core material technology and come with aluminium paddles. You can also enjoy a comfortable carry bag with a solid neoprene handle, optimum air pressure in all conditions up to 15psi, and D-rings on the deck pad to add an optional seat. They even have full graphic printing to help you stand out from the crowd. 

Once you purchase your new inflatable SUP, you’ll be able to take advantage of a variety of standard accessories like a double-action pump, safety leash, repair kit, and a slide-in center fin.

Dimensions: Monster 2.0 (12’), Magma (11’2”), Coral (10’2”), Beast (10’2”), Vapor (10’4”)
Weight Rating: Monster 2.0 (170kg), Magma (150kg), Beast (140kg), Vapor (140kg)
Board Material: Double-wall drop-stitch core material technology
Paddle Material: Aluminium

Aqua Pure Air 10’2” Inflatable SUP

Available Sizes: 10’2” (adult) and 8’ (youth)

Best Inflatable SUP: Aqua Pure Air 10’2” Inflatable SUP

Everyone in your family can be well taken care of on your next beach trip if you decide to purchase adult and youth inflatable stand up paddle boards from Aqua Pure. These striking blue 10’2” and 8’ boards featuring drop-stitch core materials are designed for a comfortable riding experience for beginners and seasoned paddleboarders alike.

Both boards have just the right amount of curve for a smooth and predictable ride, and you can enjoy comfort and safety courtesy of the optimum air pressure up to 15psi. These boards also come with an abundance of accessories, such as a slide-in center fin, a high-pressure pump, a repair kit, and a carry bag. However, paddles must be purchased separately.

Dimensions: 10’2” (adult), 8’ (youth)
Weight Rating: 105kg (adult), 60kg (youth)
Board Material: Drop-stitch core material

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