Swags are an innovative Australian invention that has nearly replaced the dog as man’s best friend. Ask anyone who has ever braved putting up a tent with their significant other, and they’ll swear to their swag being what saved them from inevitable divorce.

Unlike traditional tents with endless poles, strings, and anger, a swag tent is basically an overengineered sleeping bag. The first swags were designed to protect a single person’s body from the elements – no more, no less. Over the years, manufacturers have broadened their ranges with king single swags, double swags, and all kinds of other variations and improvements.

With so many options available, it can be challenging to find the best swags Australia has to offer. We hope the following round-up will make this process just a little easier for you.

The Best Swags for Camping

The best camping swag is one that covers all bases concerning pricing, materials, size, waterproofing, and convenience. The market is full of different options so there’s bound to be something to suit you, whether you’re looking specifically for Australian made swags, canvas swags, or even stretcher tents – which we’ll consider a type of swag for the purposes of this article, though there may be some arguments in the comments.. Fortunately, we’ve seen our fair share of swags, so we can comfortably review the following options for you.

OZtrail Mitchell Expedition Swag

Available Sizes: Single and Double.

OZtrail Mitchell Expedition Swag

The OZtrail swag is undoubtedly one of the best camping swags for experienced outdoors people and novices alike. Both the OZtrail double swag and single version come with durable materials, generous dimensions, and a one-year warranty.

You’re also bound to experience a comfortable night’s slumber, courtesy of the awnings and mesh panels for ventilation and a plush open-cell foam mattress. There are even internal pockets for your torch, phone, and keys.

The single swag comfortably caters for one person with room for storage, while the double swag is more than suitable for one or two people.

Price (at the time of writing): $459.99 (double), $299.99 (single)
Material: 300gsm SatProof ripstop canvas, PVC vinyl floor, Durallium 7001 alloy poles
Features: Zip top entry, head and foot awnings, storage pockets, mesh panels
Warranty: 1 year

Darche Dusk to Dawn Swag

Available Sizes: 900, 1100, and 1400.

Darche Dusk to Dawn Swag

When you start looking for double swags for sale or any high-quality swag tent, you’ll likely find yourself face to face with the mighty Darche Dusk to Dawn Swag. Darche offers a single, single-plus, and 2-person swag that will likely exceed your expectations.

The 900 model is comfortable and cosy with ripstop poly/cotton canvas, a PVC bucket floor, and superfine mesh for ventilation. Although, it’s as strong as they come with an alloy frame.

The 1100 model, while still a single, is designed to be spacious enough for you and man’s best friend. Then there’s the Darche double swag, a masterpiece with weatherproof awnings, a removable mattress cover, and a freestanding design.

Price (at the time of writing): $419 (900), $479 (1100), $539 (1400)
Material: 420gsm Ripstop poly/cotton canvas, alloy frame, superfine mesh, PVC bucket floor
Features: Removable mattress cover, zippered head access, two storage pockets, canvas carry bag, weatherproof awnings, trigger lock ridge pole
Warranty: 2 years

Oztent RS-1 Series II Swag

Available Sizes: Single.

Oztent RS-1 Series II Swag

It won’t take you long to see why the Oztent RS-1 Series II Swag comes out on top in the swag vs tent battle. Not only is this spacious one-person swag tent high quality to stand the test of time, but it’s also designed for speedy erection.

Thanks to the innovative aluminium frame, you can have the foundation of your swag set up in just 30 seconds. Simply pop up the awning with telescopic poles, and you’re ready for a weekend of camping.

Set up next to a campfire with confidence, courtesy of the flame-resistant fabric, and enjoy protection from ground moisture thanks to the PVC tub floor. When it comes to swag camping, Oztent does it best.

Price (at the time of writing): $599.95
Material: CPAI-84 flame-retardant material, PVC tub floor, No-see-um mesh
Features: 30-second aluminium frame, removable mattress, awning, zippered carry bag
Warranty: 2 years

Darche Air-Volution Swag

Available Sizes: 900, 1100, and 1400.


Say goodbye to heavy poles and hello to air poles. If you’re after the best camping swag, this Darche swag is a hot contender for the title. The Air-Volution swag does away with heavy materials and forms a swag frame purely with air.

It comes with a hand pump that allows you to inflate the puncture-resistant air pole in around 30 seconds. This forms a convenient frame around the seam-sealed 320gsm poly/cotton ripstop canvas. This swag also comes with zip-down windows, a robust PVC bucket floor, and a comfortable 50mm poly cotton covered mattress for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Price (at the time of writing): $649 (900), $749 (1100), $849 (1400)
Material: Seam-sealed 320gsm poly/cotton ripstop canvas, 600gsm PVC bucket floor, 50mm poly cotton covered mattress
Features: Puncture-resistant air pole, zip-down windows, two-way entry, hand pump included
Warranty: 2 years

23Zero Bandit Swag​

Available Sizes: 900, 1100, and 1400.

23Zero Bandit Swag

The next time you head off on your outdoor adventure, you’re not going to want to forget to pack your 23Zero Bandit Swag. While you would call it a cheap swag for its competitive price, you wouldn’t call it cheap in its design.

This swag offers the best of the best, with an HF-welded PVC bucket floor, polycotton blend canvas, and a plush high-density foam mattress. You can even purchase a single or double swag stretcher to keep it off the ground, courtesy of its freestanding design.

Escape from the weather in the all-weather awning, and enjoy the inclusion of zip-down storm cover. This swag means business. You can check out all the models here.

Price (at the time of writing): $449.95 (900) $499.95 (1100), $549.95 (1400)
Material: HF-welded PVC bucket floor, 400gsm proofed polycotton blend canvas, 70mm hi-density covered foam mattress, polycotton mattress cover
Features: Freestanding design, insect mesh, swag carry bag, four-way entry, all-weather awning, zip-down storm covers
Warranty: 2 years

Oztent Bunker Pro Stretcher Tent

Available Sizes: Single.

Oztent Bunker Pro Stretcher Tent

Spend less time putting up your swag and more time exploring nature, thanks to the Oztent Bunker Pro Stretcher Tent. When you’re after the best swag, it’s hard not to notice this model. It comes with robust canvas, a heavy-duty frame, and superfine mesh for bug protection.

You’ll likely appreciate the all-in-one design, not to mention the generous weight rating and one-person setup. This single swag is made for fast, easy, and adequate protection in the wilderness.

Price (at the time of writing): $569.95
Material: 8oz Ripstop polycotton canvas, heavy-duty steel frame, superfine mesh
Features: Stretcher and tent in one, padded bed, 150kg weight rating, one-person setup
Warranty: 2 years

Darche Nebula 1550 Swag Tent​

Available Sizes: Double.

Darche Nebula 1550

When you’re camping, fishing or 4×4 touring, you want a camping swag that’s both affordable and made to last the distance. The Darche Nebula single swag ticks that box. This durable swag comes with ripstop canvas, waterproofing materials, a comfortable foam mattress, and insect mesh.

You can also enjoy the convenience of four entries, internal storage pockets, and a strong alloy body and poles. With a helpful canvas carry bag and a two-year warranty, it doesn’t get much better than that.

Price (at the time of writing): $719
Material: 420gsm poly/cotton 16mm grid ripstop canvas, 800mm PU waterproofing, insect mesh, PVC bucket floor, 50mm poly/cotton high-density foam mattress
Features: Canvas carry bag, freestanding design, awning, four-way entry, storage pockets, alloy body and poles
Warranty: 2 years

OZtrail Biker Expedition Single Swag

Available Sizes: Single.

OZtrail Biker Expedition Single Swag

If you’re looking for the best camping swag to attach to the back of your bike for an outdoor adventure, look no further than the OZtrail Biker Expedition single swag. It’s lightweight, easy to put up and pack down, and comes kitted out with superior materials to suit cool to tropical conditions.

This all-in-one shelter packs up to a small size, yet it still provides plenty of space for one person to sleep soundly. You’ll even get to enjoy a comfortable foam mattress, mesh panels for insect protection, and easy access through the zip top. Sleep soundly, courtesy of this canvas swag from OZtrail.

Price (at the time of writing): $229.99
Material: 230gsm SatProof 600+ ripstop canvas, PVC vinyl base, Durallium 7001 alloy poles, mesh panels
Features: Open cell foam mattress, insect protection, dome-style construction, zip-top entry
Warranty: 1 year

Darche Traditional Swag

Available Sizes: Single and King Single.

Darche Traditional Swag

Anyone looking for the best swag on their next camping trip should look in the direction of the Darche Traditional Swag. This brand truly walks the walk with two size options, superior materials like Max-Treme® canvas, and a lifetime warranty.

There are also a few surprising features to take advantage of, such as a two-way zipper, gear pocket, and an extra-large head flap.

Price (at the time of writing): $399 (single), $449 (king single)
Material: 16oz Max-Treme® cotton ripstop canvas
Features: Gear pocket, extra-large head flap, 70mm foam mattress, two-way zipper
Warranty: Lifetime

OZtrail Cooper Expedition Swag

Available Sizes: Single and Double.

OZtrail Cooper Expedition Swag

The best swags Australia has to offer are sometimes those that allow us to get back to our roots. How better to do that than with a single or double envelope-style swag from OZtrail?

This fuss-free shelter offers easy and effective protection from the elements with no setup required.

They come in single and double sizes with 230gsm Satproof™ canvas, a 460gsm PVC vinyl bucket, and a comfortable open-cell foam mattress. Users also get to benefit from a full-length zip for convenience and a head awning. For complete protection without all the bells and whistles, this camping swag has you covered.

Price (at the time of writing): $169.99 (single), $249 (double)
Material: 230gsm Satproof™ 600+ canvas, 460gsm PVC vinyl bucket
Features: Envelope style, open-cell foam mattress, head awning, setup-free design, full-length zip
Warranty: 1 year

How to Choose the Best Camping Swag

There’s a lot to think about when you’re on the hunt for the best swag tent money can buy. You don’t want to spend the earth, but you also want to make sure you strike a balance between quality and value for money. To do that, you often need to factor the following things into the purchasing process.


One of the best ways to significantly narrow down your options is by deciding which size you need. For just you, a single swag will suffice. However, you can also purchase single-plus swags with room for your bags. Alternatively, for you and a friend or spouse, you can buy a double swag with a double swag stretcher to set it on.


Believe it or not, as simple as the swag is, it’s available in a wide variety of styles. Once you’ve decided on the size you need, you can then move on to deciding which type you prefer. Take your pick of traditional, dome, or air. All of them have their merits in an outdoor adventure situation.


A cheap swag might seem like the best option, but you’ve also got to question why the price tag is as competitive as it is. Have corners been cut? Is the material quality not up to scratch? Never look at the price tag as an isolated feature. Instead, compare it to the characteristics of each swag to ensure you’re able to buy the best one for your needs that will last the distance.


You likely want to purchase a camping swag for protection from the elements. Therefore, the material type you choose is going to be an essential factor.

The heavier the canvas, the more protection you can likely expect. The best material type for a swag is a blend of cotton and polyester for breathability, waterproof, and rotproof. Pay attention to the grade before you make your decision. Aim for a GSM of between 320-360 at a minimum for decent protection.


Who knew that the base materials of a swag could be a deciding factor? While some swags come with canvas bases, many people prefer PVC. PVC allows any water that enters the swag to dry much quicker. If you opt for a canvas base, make sure you lay a tarp on the ground for protection.


In a swag vs tent argument, the winning feature is probably going to be the mattress. Unlike a tent you have to buy a mattress for, a swag comes with its own built-in bed. For the sake of comfort, look for one that has a minimum thickness of at least 35mm. The more expensive the swag, the thicker the mattress tends to be.
Disclaimer: The above links are affiliate links, meaning I will be given a percentage of all purchases. This doesn’t mean you pay anything extra and doesn’t influence the opinions I have presented in this article in any way.
Got any recommendations for the best camping swag? If you have any stories, updates or corrections, please let us know by commenting below.

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