The recent bushfires in NSW were an unfortunate reminder that bushfire season is approaching. This means that campers and hikers need to, once again, start thinking about bushfire dangers before heading off.

Make sure you scope out the latest information on fire bans, weather conditions, bushfire warnings and alerts. An extra five minutes of preparation could mean the difference between a safe trip and a risky-as-hell trip.

Earlier in the year I posted Being Fire Ready: How to stay safe when camping or hiking in bushfire season, which is full of helpful information and definitely worth a read. However, it only mentions a few information sources to check before heading off, and they’re only for Victorians.

So, I’ve put together this handy little infographic for you guys, with a state-by-state listing of all the information sources you might need. I’m helpful like that. Sometimes.


Click on the infographic to go to a larger version with clickable links.

Camping & Hiking in Bushfire Season: Know Before You Go


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Do you have any bushfire safety resources to add? If you have anything to say, please let us know by commenting below.

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