Christmas Gift Ideas - Hikers & Outdoorsy types


When I was younger, before I could just buy my old man booze for Christmas, I was always a fan of buying him cologne. I have no idea why, because I’m pretty sure he’s never been much of a cologne wearer. It just seemed… Manly. I guess.

The first of my 3 gift suggestions for this post probably wouldn’t have been any more up his alley than the bottles of Brut that I used to get him, but you can’t deny that this fits the bill for manly presents. If you’ve got a family member who’s a bit outdoorsy (especially if they’ve got a beard), this one might be right up their alley…



As hilarious as this is, it seems Campfire Cologne is for real. It’s available from their website for US$12.95. I can’t think of anyone I need to buy a present for who’d appreciate this, but I’m kind of hoping someone will buy it for me (hint hint).


Butterfly Wallet

You probably could’ve guessed I’d suggest the Butterfly Wallet

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I love my light-weight Butterfly Wallet. Well, I’m still just as impressed with it as I was the day I received it, and the feedback from other Bushwalking Blog readers who’ve purchased one has been consistently awesome. It’s available at 40% off right now too (just use the code TREAT at checkout), so get your hands on one (this product is no longer available)… Actually consider making that a few – they still have a ‘buy 3 or more, get 1 free’ deal going. You could get one for yourself while you’re at it.


PLB hire vouchers

How about a voucher for PLB hire from yours truly?

As you may have heard, I launched a PLB hire service yesterday. I decided to provide gift vouchers for the service as well, so if your outdoorsy loved one is an occasional hiker who can’t justify the expense of buying an emergency beacon, you might like to consider a gift that could save their life. Vouchers start from $45.


If none of those are tickling you in the right places, you should consider checking out Torpedo7, an Aussie store that has a decent range of outdoor equipment and some great Christmas specials at the moment.

I said it in my Fathers Day post and I’ll say it again… Want another idea? Forget about buying anything. Head out for a hike with your loved one this Christmas instead.


Disclaimer: A couple of the above links are affiliate links, meaning that Bushwalking Blog receives a percentage of any sales made when readers click through. If you’re keen on any of the products I’d love for you to buy them this way. It will help me keep Bushwalking Blog going. Don’t think I should be receiving any money for this? Feel free to just Google the products instead.

What are your Christmas plans this year? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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