I’m sure you’ll all remember fondly you’ve all been scarred for life by the whole hiking in a school-dress incident of 2012 (for One Girl – raising money for girls in Sierra Leone) but despite that, I’ve maintained that I’d take part again in 2013.

Well, now you might be glad to know that I’ve changed my mind and decided I’ve got enough on my plate for this year (as mentioned in an earlier blog post). Between the move, the new family, and the eleventy-billion projects that I’m working on at the moment, I really need to give myself some head space.

Sure, it would be easy to chuck on a dress, find a day, and head out for a hike, but if I’m going to ask my friends, family, colleagues, and the Bushwalking Blog community to sponsor me, I was hoping to do something a bit more awesome. I’ll try again next year.

Speaking of awesome, check out this school dress-clad hiker (this article has since been removed) in the US, who hiked 33 miles (about 53 km) in near freezing conditions… At 70 years old. Whoa. He makes my excuses seem even more pathetic.

But you know what? This isn’t about me, and it isn’t even about hiking (sorry about that). You should totally still throw some cash towards One Girl’s campaign (or even get involved yourself).

Want to know why? Well, you’ve probably read enough of my ramblings for now, so please check out these two videos to find out….




The bottom line – When a girl is educated, everything changes. Please donate now.


Got anything to say about One Girl or #Doitinadress? Or want to give me a hard time about not participating this year? Please leave your comments below.

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