Surely by now you’ve heard about the Great Forest National Park campaign. If not, have a read of Sarah Day’s recent guest contribution, check out their website, Facebook or Twitter. If successful it will protect some of my favourite parts of this great state of ours, including my beloved Cathedral Range, but also our endangered faunal emblem, the Leadbeater’s Possum.

These things cost money, so they’ve set up a Pozible crowd-funding campaign to help raise some. Any funds raised will be put towards X, Y, and Z, but the thing that prompted this blog post is that they’re offering a fantastic incentive to anyone who donates…

On October 25th all backers are invited to join a photo walk at Mount Donna Buang’s Rainforest Gallery, accompanied by nature photographer and film maker Michael Woods.

From the Facebook event page: “Get a hands on crash course on the basics of photography and get the most out of your personal camera with simple tricks. Suitable for any beginner to intermediate photographer or film makers. A short session will also be held on the basics of post production techniques.”

I can’t make it myself but it sounds like a fantastic opportunity. If you’re keen, head over to Pozible and throw them a few bucks, and then mark yourself as attending on Facebook.



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