NOTE: If you are a company in search of link-backs and SEO benefits, I will not accept guest posts of any kind from you. Please check out the “Partner with Bushwalking Blog” page to find out how we can work together.


What kind of guest posts am I looking for?

I want to hear your ideas. If you’ve had a look at Bushwalking Blog (which I’d hope you have), you should have an idea of what subject matter would fit. I’m obviously not desperate for posts on topics that have already been covered, unless you have a fresh angle on them.

Posts don’t have to be in written form. If you’ve got an idea for any of the following, I’ll be even more excited…

  • Photo-essays
  • Video content
  • Infographics

I’m very interested in providing Australian readers with more information on hiking in overseas destinations, and in attracting international readers, so don’t hesitate to suggest international content.

In the interest of supporting the blogging community, other bloggers are encouraged to contribute and will be given priority.


Guidelines for contributors

  • I’m not even breaking even from the blog, so there’s no way I can pay you for your contributions.
  • It is expected that your work will be well-written, with good grammar and punctuation. Please edit your work prior to submission.
  • I reserve the right to sub-edit the content but will only correct grammar/spelling/punctuation, or make minor changes to assist with search engine optimisation.
  • Content must be original and only published on Bushwalking Blog. If found elsewhere, content will be removed.
  • Post length will differ greatly, but I’m unlikely to accept anything over 1,500 words. Please discuss if you think you need more.
  • When sending your post, please include a bio and a link to your website.
  • Keep paragraphs short. Remember that you’re writing for a blog and text is more difficult to read on screen.
  • Once published, you are expected to promote your guest post through your social networks. Of course, I will do the same.


Image guidelines

  • Written posts must include a minimum of two appropriate high-quality images.
  • You must have permission to publish them or they must be your own work.
  • They must be larger than 800px on their longest side.
  • I prefer JPG or PNG image files. Please do not submit images in a Word document.
  • Please caption your images. You can do this within a Word document or as part of your submission e-mail
  • I may upload your images to a third-party website (such as Flickr) in order to save space on my web-server. They will be attributed to you.


Does that all make sense? Awesome. Now get in touch and let me know what you’re thinking of submitting. Thanks in advance!