I’ve had a personal account on Instagram for years, but I’ve never used it that much (I’ve just checked and I’ve actually averaged around 60 posts a year, so it depends on what you call ‘not much’).

Though I’ve been through my phases, I’m not usually one to post a lot of selfies and pictures of what I’m eating. As you’ll know if you’re a regular around these parts, nature photography is more my bag.

While I’d often thought about starting a separate account for Bushwalking Blog it seemed a bit unnecessary, and Instagram doesn’t make it easy to have two. Recently though, I discovered a workaround for that and starting AussieHikingTours.com has given me a very good excuse to go for it. I’m glad I did.

So, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the AussieHikingTours.com Instagram account, where I’m posting pretty much what I would’ve posted on the Bushwalking Blog one anyway. Please head over there and follow me, if Instagram is your thing.


For those who have no bloody idea what I’m on about, Instagram is a mobile photo and video-sharing, and social networking service. It allows users to take pictures and videos, process them using a variety of settings and preset filters, and then share them with other Instagram users, or externally on a variety of social networking platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr. If you’re into taking photos and social networking (and you have a smart phone… but who doesn’t these days?), you should go check it out (it’s on iOS and Android).


Here are 13 of my favourite posts on the ‘aushikingtours’ account, just to give you a taste. (Scroll down further for some other ideas of who to follow…)







The gorgeous Kiewa River. A perfect place to sit and contemplate. #bushwalking #hiking #australia #travel

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Photogenic tree lichen is photogenic. Near Mount Loch in Victoria's Alpine National Park. #bushwalking #hiking #australia #travel

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A Spinifex pigeon on the Kings Canyon Rim Walk. #bushwalking #hiking #australia #ntaustralia #travel

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Perfect day at Mt Donna Buang today. #australia

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The view from Flinders Peak in the You Yangs. #hiking #bushwalking #melbourne # australia

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As I mentioned, it’s obviously not just me you should be following. There are heaps of Aussie hikers, photographers, outdoor enthusiasts, companies and tourism boards posting gorgeous nature photos on there. A search for #bushwalk (or #hiking if you don’t care where they hail from) will give you a whole bunch of ideas, but here are a few more…


Do you post nature photos on Instagram and are looking for some more follows? Got anything else to say? please let us know by commenting below.