Montem’s Sneaky Snuggler is either an outdoors blanket or a flattened sleeping bag depending on your perspective.

It’s best described as sleeping bag materials in the design of a quilt or doona. There are a lot of situations where this warm layer could be useful and I’ve been using mine while camping out of my ‘adventure van’, either keeping legs warm sitting around in the evening or as an extra layer of warmth over the bed at night.

I can see plenty of potential for this style to make an appearance at picnics, backup warmth when camping out of the car, or just for snuggling up on the couch.

Design, Comfort & Durability (Rating: 90%)

The simplicity of the Sneaky Snuggler’s design is important to note, and what sets it apart from a synthetic sleeping bag. There’s no zips, hoods, or strings so you can wrap yourself up as much or little as you like. The insulating layer is a pure polyester batting so it’s hypoallergenic, will serve a long life, and most importantly it’s machine washable. The stitching has been done in an artistic fashion so it looks just as home on the couch as around the campfire. A DWR coating has been applied to the shell so small spills and the poor weather shouldn’t affect its insulating ability which might be a big plus for those with kids or pets.

The Sneaky Snuggler weighs about 1.6kg and measured 140 x 200 cm (or 23 x 45cm in its stuff sack) and when you first unpack it you’ll notice it has a nice soft fabric finish. If you’re after a snuggle you’ll definitely feel comfortable. The second thing you’re likely to notice is the warmth. Wrap yourself up on a chilly day and it’s easy to work out why they called it the Snuggler.

At first, I was concerned that the outer fabric (20D nylon) wouldn’t withstand much abuse, but the dog has been climbing across it every time it’s been in use and so far it hasn’t torn or snagged at all. In fact, the dog loves it so much she sneaks under or onto it every chance she gets – it’s obviously warmer than her big pet bed.

Montem Sneaky Snuggler Puffy Blanket Review

Functionality & Ease of Use (Rating: 95%)

On a practical level, there’s not much to consider about the functionality of the blanket as its simple design means there’s really nothing to be considered.

The real benefit of this design is obviously the fact that its simplicity makes it easy to use, clean, and care for, and you’ll likely get a lot of use out of it as a result. There are some very complicated sleep systems in the bushwalking world, so it’s nice to see a product that has ease of use as a primary goal.

What I Like

  • Simple, versatile design.
  • Classy colour.
  • Nice and warm.
  • Durable and easy to clean.
  • Affordable.

What I Don’t Like

  • Slippery if you move around.
  • Heavy compared to specialist hiking gear.
Montem Sneaky Snuggler Puffy Blanket Review

Get One

The Montem Sneaky Snuggler Puffy Blanket is available online direct from Montem.

Disclaimer: Montem has provided a blanket to review. This has no influence on the opinions presented here.

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