Near the top of Bogong (by neonluxe on flickr)

NOTE: I did end up taking part in the 2012 Mount Bogong Conquestathon and while I was in the area, I also checked out Fainter Falls.


I’ve had an e-mail from the president of the Upper Kiewa Valley Lions Club, Bill Sutton, to let me know about the upcoming 34th annual Mount Bogong Conquestathon. The Lions Club run this event as a way to give less experienced walkers the chance to make the trip to Victoria’s highest peak (1,986 metres) in safety, with manned checkpoints and stewards along the way to look after participants.

The circuit is approximately 20 kilometres with a total ascent of 1,300 metres, so despite the relative safety of the event, it’s really only suitable for those with a healthy level of fitness. Young children are welcome to have a go, but they must be accompanied by an adult.

Though it’s not meant to be a race, many trail runners do take part. The fastest time ever recorded was by local DSE employee Andy Kromar, who completed the circuit in 1 hour and 51 minutes. Maximum respect to anyone who has a go at beating that (or even getting close to it), but I think I’ll leave that to the nutters.

I’m considering making the trip up to Mount Beauty for Conquestathon. However, it’s unlikely when you take into account that a) it’s the day after my birthday, and b) I’m currently taking part in FebFast, so by the day of my birthday I’ll be ready to stab someone for a drink (or eleven). I’d anticipate that this trip would be enough of a challenge for me, without attempting it hungover. I’ll see how I go.

So I thought I’d put it out there in hope that someone else might be interested… It’s bound to be a fun day out with some incredible alpine scenery. As with all Lions Club events, any money raised is put back into the local community. Full details (location, cost, start times, etc.) can be found on the Mount Beauty Website (page has now been removed from website).

Have you taken part in the Conquestathon in previous years? Or are you planning on taking part? Let us know by commenting below.

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