Last Visited: 22/09/2012
Length (km): 3.1 km
Time (hrs/min): 45 mins
Grade: Easy
Return / Circuit / One-Way / Partial Circuit: Partial Circuit
Region: Melbourne
Park: Organ Pipes National Park
Closest Town: Keilor
Car Access: Access is via the Calder Freeway. The turn off is on the right if heading towards Bendigo. The park is well signed but is directly opposite Calder Park if you’re looking for a landmark.


Revisited (22/09/2012): 4 years later, the park is still a beautiful spot to visit for a short walk and to view the geological features. There are very now very few views of the gorge from near the carpark, as significant revegetation has been undertaken (the lookout was not rebuilt). A new toilet block has been built near the Organ Pipes.


Finished work early today (last day for 5 weeks!) so decided to look for a walk that wasn’t too far from work. It had been raining all morning but fined up an hour or two before I started and turned out to be the perfect afternoon!

I didn’t look at the Park Note properly so I did the walk in a slightly different direction to what is suggested. My route is indicated on the map above.

There is a lookout platform near the start of the walk that is closed but there are still great views from near the platform. There are three main rock formations that really make the walk worth while. From the lookout, return to the main track and continue until you see the shortcut track on the left to Rosette Rock. From there you can continue to Tesselated Pavement… Be careful if you decide to explore across the rocks here! I nearly stepped on a Brown Snake! Jacksons Creek is not the nicest creek (very muddy) but it was very high (due to the rain we’ve had recently) and looked quite cool flowing across Tesselated Pavement (especially knowing that it is what has worn down the basalt columns to create the formation over millions of years).

Head back towards the shortcut track and beyond… Near the Organ Pipes there is a very short track along the creek that isn’t marked on the map. Organ pipes is nearly 70 metres high definitely worth a look! Unfortunately somebody has thrown some white paint of the rocks but it’s still really nice to look at. The track continues along the creek until it reaches a sign saying “Management Vehicles Only” (or something to that effect). You’ll need to head back to Organ Pipes before returning to the carpark along the main track (which was quite hard for me – steep!).


Rosette Rock


Tesselated Pavement


Organ Pipes



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