I’ve had a lot of positive comments about Bushwalking Blog’s design over the years, from readers, other bloggers, and even web designers and online marketers.

There have been a few negative ones though, and the common theme amongst them is that my footer is cluttered, ugly and unnecessary.

There’s only one thing that has previously stopped me from removing the footer altogether, and that’s the “Links” section. More specifically, the fact that there are other blogs and websites on there that I traded links with, back in the early days, and I haven’t thought it fair to remove them.

As you can see below, I’ve decided it’s time. The footer is gone and I’m replacing the “Links” section with this post, where I’ll tip my hat to all of those websites that are now missing. I’ll add a direct link to this post to my “About” menu as well, so it won’t completely disappear from the front page. To those bloggers and website owners mentioned here, I hope you’re okay with this.

So without further ado, here are some other websites (in no particular order) you should check out and subscribe to, if you so desire…



Walks Melbourne: The insiders guide to Melbourne’s best bush, bay & city walks. This blog belongs to Julie Mundy, who I’m co-authoring Best Walks of the Great Ocean Road with. She’s also written a number of other hiking guide books, which you can find listed here.

Our Hiking Blog: Frank Wall was the first blogger I connected with when I started Bushwalking Blog and he was a big help back in the day. Frank and his wife, Sue (they even get their kids involved too), have been blogging for 8 years. They LOVE Tasmania, so if you’re looking for Tassie hiking content then this is the place to go.

Bushwalking Skills: Sharing Bushwalking Skills and Knowledge, this blog even has a wiki that everyone can contribute to.

Walkweb: Jeremy’s excellent blog is dedicated to exploring the world on foot, and covers everywhere from Victoria to Switzerland.

Meanderthals: You might have seen me sharing Jeff’s content on Twitter. He blogs his own trips, but also curates hiking and outdoors-related content from all over the web.

Hiking in Finland: Hendrik is a well-respected blogger from Finland, who runs what’s probably the most on-the-pulse hiking blog I’ve come across. He wasn’t in my “Links” section, but he’s linked a few of my posts in his content curation posts (which send a fair few international readers my way) so I thought he deserved to be linked to here.

More Than Just Surviving: Thomas and Elise’s survival blog which concentrates a lot on gear. They do heaps of knife articles and reviews, alongside the articles about wilderness survival and preparedness.



Bushwalk Australia: The only consistently active Australian bushwalking discussion forum (correct me if I’m wrong). Covers every aspect of hiking and discussion can be very interesting.

Switchback Travel: A travel website for the outdoor-minded traveller, covering adventure travel stories from all over the world.


Review sites

Nicer Shoes: A great and reliable shoe review website covering all kinds of shoes, from travel to hiking.

Gear We Are: This one has incredibly detailed reviews about all kinds of gear for every outdoor pursuit.

The Gear Hunt: Actually a hunting gear review site, but includes some great reviews of hiking boots and clothing, knives, sleeping bags and torches.

That Sweet Gift: Okay so this one isn’t a review site but if you’re looking for a gift for your travel-loving friend or family member, this is the place to go for inspiration.

Runner Click: The trail runners among you will want to check out Runner Click for reviews of every type of running gear you can imagine.


So that’s the list… I hope you guys enjoy having a read of some of those. It’s obviously by no means a comprehensive list of outdoor blogs and websites and it’s not intended to be. It does, however, somewhat allay my guilt at removing my footer. Achievement unlocked.


Got any other outdoor blogs or websites to recommend? Let us know in the comments below.