Are you on Pinterest yet?

I’m not expecting too many of you to answer yes. I was a bit hesitant at first myself. I always thought it was the realm of wedding planners, home renovators, and the craft-obsessed.

But I was pleasantly surprised when I gave it a go. A simple search for ‘hiking’ brought up more pins and boards than I could count, encompassing everything hiking-related I could think of. I decided to have a crack at it myself, and now I’m a wee bit hooked.

In case you’ve got no idea what I’m on about, Pinterest is a social network that allows users to ‘pin’ pictures, videos, or websites they come across on a virtual pin-board, of sorts. You can also follow other users or their specific boards, and re-‘pin’ their pins. Naturally, they can also do the same with yours.

Here’s a bit of a preview of my profile…

Visit Bushwalking Blog’s profile on Pinterest.

Click through and have a look (and don’t forget to follow me) if you’re interested.

There are lots of different ways to use Pinterest as a hiker but, for me, it’s mostly about dreaming. I stumble across places I want to go, hikes I want to do, gear I wish I owned or ideas for geocache hides, and I pin them to keep a record. It’s also a great way to bookmark interesting articles I find in my daily online procrastination sessions. It’s also good for sharing where you’ve already been. A new feature even allows you to pin such photos on a map.

Sound good? Get on board (pun intended) and make sure you give me a follow (you can do so via the button below).

If you do sign up, please leave a comment below with a link to your Pinterest profile. Feel free to let us know of any other spiffy ways you’ve found to use Pinterest too.


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