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Why should you work with Bushwalking Blog?

Bushwalking Blog is a niche website with a loyal, engaged readership that is growing steadily. It aims to get people excited about the great outdoors, by providing information on:

  • Places to go hiking.
  • Hiking gear.
  • News.
  • Hiking safety.
  • Interesting people in the hiking community.
  • Conservation.
  • Nature photography.

Since 2008, Neil has been working to establish himself as an authority in the hiking niche, through his writing on Bushwalking Blog and regular contributions to the Australian hiking magazine, Great Walks.


Who does Bushwalking Blog target?

By partnering with Bushwalking Blog, you will be targeting readers who love exercising outdoors and being immersed in nature. Bushwalking Blog’s audience isn’t just made up of hardcore hikers, but also exercise junkies, weekend day-trippers, adventure travellers, and nature photography enthusiasts.


Partnership options

Please contact me for a media kit, with details and pricing of partnership options, as well as reader statistics. When working with brands I don’t believe in a one size fits all approach, so let’s discuss your needs and any ideas you might have for working together. I’m open to the following (but there are certainly no limitations):

  • Sponsored posts
  • Press Trips / Social Media Trips / Comps / Famil Trips
  • Sponsored giveaways
  • Sponsored reviews
  • Banner ads

So far I’ve worked with Tourism Victoria, Destination Gippsland, Sydney Coast Walks, Australian Wilderness Adventures, Dettol, Open Spaces Publishing, and Spatial Vision, just to name a few. I’d love to work with you too.



I am completely transparent with my readers. Anything complimentary or discounted that I receive is always spelled out in the related articles, and I am always completely honest about my experiences with products or services. I will not compromise the trust that my readers have in me by allowing my opinions to be bought.