Hassle-free PLB emergency beacon hire
for your next wilderness adventure

Why hire a PLB from Bushwalking Blog?

"Thanks for offering such a great user-friendly and affordable hire service"
- Louise, PLB hire customer


Prices from $10 a day. Simple booking
and return process (return postage
included in price).


The RescueME PLB1 is the world's
smallest PLB
(weighing only 115g).

Safety & Peace of mind

Hire a PLB for your next wild adventure,
so your family can rest easy. It
might even save your life.


Book your PLB hire now in 4 easy steps.

Step: 3

Make sure you click the “Terms and Conditions” link, read the terms, and tick to indicate that you agree.

Step: 4

Click “Book Now” and you will be taken to Paypal to complete your payment (PayPal account not necessary).

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