When ArmaSkin offered me a pair of their Anti-Blister Socks to review, I thought they looked like a fantastic product. But I have to be honest, when I first pulled them out of the packet I became pretty sceptical.

Their inner layer is made from a rubbery material – ArmaSkin call it their ‘Si Fusion Coating’ – and the outside is a very smooth fabric, almost like Lycra. Basically they look very sciencey, for want of a better word (and yes I am aware that’s not an actual word), but what they don’t look is comfortable.

My scepticism continued even after putting them on my feet, but that was only until I actually started walking.

The difference was immediately noticeable, since all the usual friction is out of the equation. The rubbery inside layer grips to your foot like a second skin, so that the slippery outer layer does all the rubbing, against your socks and shoes.

I did come up with one suggestion, but it’s no biggie… I’d probably never wear them in summer unless they bring out an ankle-sock option. I’m not sure what it is but I’m not much of a fan of wearing long socks, especially not in summer.

Anyways, after a 5 kilometre walk I returned home blister-free but this was hardly definitive, since I only tend to get the occasional blister. The only way to really test them out was to hand them over to my lovely lady.

Lori seems to have constant blisters, no matter what shoes she wears, so on a recent weekend away she brought the ArmaSkin socks and a pair of not so well worn-in runners. After two days and somewhere around 18 kilometres of walking, she tells me I’m not getting them back.

Not only did she come out of this trip completely blister-free, but she raved about how comfortable and warm her feet were the whole time. They’re bacteria-static, so they didn’t even get too smelly.

When we accidentally traipsed through ankle-high water at one point, Lori noted after a short time that her feet felt dry (the Si Fusion layer apparently features directional moisture wicking). I, on the other hand, spent the remainder of the day walking with freezing cold, soggy feet.

If you’re a hiker who suffers from constant blisters, I’d highly recommend giving these a try.

Armaskin’s anti-blister socks are available online direct from Armaskin. Oh, and they come in both black and white.


ArmaSkin provided me with a pair of anti-blister socks to test out, and have sponsored this review. This has no influence on the opinions I put forward in my review.


If there’s anything I’ve missed that you want to know, or if you’ve got anything at all to say about the ArmaSkin Anti-Blister Socks, please do so in the comments section below.

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