Author: Bill Purcell

Review: Tile Sport Waterproof Bluetooth Tracker

A device to find all your gear, anytime, anywhere? We all have trouble finding things from time to time. Tile Sport takes the time and frustration out of recovering your things. It helps you to keep your cool. While this is incredibly useful in day-to-day life, you can’t deny it’s essential to keep your cool when travelling or outdoor adventuring. Tile Sport is a new device with improved range and ruggedness, from Tile Inc., a company which has produced over 10 million Tiles. Functionality & Ease of Use (Rating: 90%) Tile Sport is a compact, well-built Bluetooth device which...

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Review: Lander Moab iPhone Case – protection from drops, deadly degrees, and the dark?

Lander is a US-based manufacturer of mobile phone cases and accessories, and this is their Moab model –an iPhone case with features specifically intended for expedition style outdoor use. While it sports more trademarks than flies at a barbecue, the two features of main interest are: Thermoline: “Protects from Extreme Temperatures” Illumifind: “Reflective details for quick location in the dark”   Extreme Temperatures. What’s the problem? iPhones have an operating temperature range of 0° and 35° Celsius. The issue is not just the inadequate range- it’s also the speed at which these temperature limits can be arrived at. Due...

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Review: MSR Lightning Axis Snowshoes – Can they really cure an ice-cream headache?

My first overnight cross country ski tour was on the Bogong High Plains, in perfect sunny weather. After a minor speed wobble, I plunged face first into the snow, my sweaty brow producing an instant and crippling ice-cream headache. A nanosecond later the back of my head was punched deeper into the snow by the sudden and unexpected arrival of my 25kg backpack. I lay face down, starfished, immobilised, and brain frozen, while I worked out the extrication sequence (stocks off, hip belt undone, sternum strap, shoulder straps off, shrug pack off, roll over, align skis, stand up, expel...

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