Author: Mick L

Review: Lander Cairn lantern and battery bank

Looking for a light source on your next camping trip? The Cairn lantern from Lander could be what you’re looking for. It’s a lightweight lantern with the added bonus of being able to charge your phone or a USB device whilst doubling as your light source. Did I mention it’s bright, and as a bonus, it looks good too? Design & Durability (Rating: 90%) The Cairn lantern is a lightweight (161 grams) lantern which does double duty as a small battery pack. It has a built-in 3300 mAh battery which powers the lantern and can also be used to...

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Review: Helinox Beach Chair

Love the beach but hate lying on a towel or sitting in the sand? Sick of lugging all your heavy gear from your car across the burning hot sand? Small, compact, and lightweight, the Helinox Beach Chair could just be the Ultimate ‘beach bums’ accessory. Design, Comfort & Durability (Rating: 100%) As the name suggests the Beach Chair is a purpose-built chair for lounging on the beach. It’s from Helinox and weighs in at 1,485 grams. This may sound heavy when you compare it to Helinox’s Zero or Ground Chair at more than double their weight, but in reality,...

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Review: Helinox Table One – The perfect lightweight table for hiking

If like me you’ve made the move from sitting on the ground to a super comfy lightweight chair then the next item that might be worth checking out to get your gear off the ground and out of the dirt is a lightweight table. Enter the Helinox Table one. This bad boy will not only get all your gear off the ground but can also hold your coffee cup or cold beverage if that’s more your style while you’re busy doing other stuff. It could also be used as a table for writing or storing gear on inside a...

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Review: Fitbit Surge fitness tracker watch

Is it a bird, is it a plane, no its a Fitness Super Watch! Well, that’s what Fitbit call the Surge. If you’re looking for a watch that does it all and more, then the Surge may just be the watch for you. Does the Fitbit Surge live up to its Super watch title? Read on and we’ll try and find out. Design & Durability (Rating: 85%) Out of the box, the Fitbit Surge looks fairly basic with only three buttons on it and a black and white screen which is angled towards the wearer as the watch face...

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Review: Helinox Chair Zero – Because every gram counts

Do you enjoy sitting on the ground getting a wet, cold and dirty behind at the end of a long day walking? If you do then carry on, there’s nothing to see here. If like me though at the end of a hard day’s walk you like to keep your posterior clean, dry and off the cold hard ground and you also enjoy relaxing at camp in comfort then read on as this chair could be what you’ve been searching for. Design, Comfort & Durability (Rating: 95%) The Chair Zero is the latest and lightest in the line up...

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