Author: Sam Christie

Barn Bluff – Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair National Park – Tasmania (Bare Bones Bushwalking)

I’ve been lucky enough to visit Barn Bluff twice now. If you have ever researched the Overland Track, you’ve probably marveled at this peak. It fills all the books, brochures and Google Image feeds. Our island state is adorned with peaks that teem with character, but Barn Bluff stakes a claim as one of the most picturesque. Views to the iconic Cradle Mountain are inspiring as you set out from Lake Dove. There’s no shortage of options. You can take the Lake Rodway Track over Hansons Peak, past the Twisted Lakes (where the Fagus glows orange in the autumn),...

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Langi Ghiran Summit Hike: Up On The Baby Bump

A mountain shaped like a pregnant lady? What a sight to behold. Langi Ghiran and its neighbouring peak, Mount Gorrin, together take on the peculiar shape of a pregnant lady at rest. The hair rises gradually from the plains to the nose, down to the breasts, up, and bam, there it is – the summit of Langi Ghiran – right up on that pregnant belly. Major Thomas Mitchell first climbed this peak in 1836, apparently naming it ‘Mount Mistake’. I can only imagine that had he approached from an angle which allowed a view of such phenomena, ‘Mount Masterpiece’...

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