Author: Scott

Review: Montem Sneaky Snuggler Puffy Blanket – A Versatile Blanket for an Outdoor Lifestyle

Montem’s Sneaky Snuggler is either an outdoors blanket or a flattened sleeping bag depending on your perspective. It’s best described as sleeping bag materials in the design of a quilt or doona. There are a lot of situations where this warm layer could be useful and I’ve been using mine while camping out of my ‘adventure van’, either keeping legs warm sitting around in the evening or as an extra layer of warmth over the bed at night. I can see plenty of potential for this style to make an appearance at picnics, backup warmth when camping out of...

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Review: Henty Enduro Backpack – a well designed, lightweight MTB hydration pack

Henty’s Enduro MTB pack is a lumbar hydration pack that combines efficient storage with a light and stable lumbar protection panel to deliver a hybrid pack that will appeal to many. Henty is a Tasmanian company that’s been producing travel and commuter bags for more than 5 years now, and this seems to be their first product aimed at the mountain biking market. Design, Comfort & Durability (Rating: 95%) The Enduro pack is a 5-litre capacity pack that sits low on a shoulder harness, with a wide waist belt – It’s rumored to take design inspiration from military webbing,...

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Review: MSR Hubba NX Solo Backpacking Tent – Light and easy

When choosing a tent there’s a lot to consider and for many, it’s a difficult choice. I was looking for something lightweight, with room to sit up, and a vestibule, without being outrageously priced. The MSR Hubba NX manages all of this, with lightweight fabrics and clever design. I believe Tasmanian conditions require an enclosed tent, so the Hubba NX provides the right amount of protection with a weight that’s only marginally above a tarp or hammock setup. With that in mind, it does have a mostly mesh inner and is rated as a 3 season tent. The RRP...

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