A lightweight hiking tent is crucial for overnight and multi-day hiking adventures. The last thing any avid hiker wants to do is lug around a heavy, cumbersome tent that has them on the phone to their chiropractor as soon as they’re home from the mountains. There’s only one answer to this issue and that’s to make sure you choose one of the best hiking tents money can buy.

You might wonder how you’re supposed to find the best lightweight hiking tent for your needs. Fortunately, it’s easy, and you might be headed to the checkout sooner than you think after considering the following tent options.

Considerations for Purchasing the Best Hiking Tents

Finding the best hiking tents can require a great deal of research, but it’s important to highlight what matters to you the most so you can narrow your options confidently. Before reaching for your wallet, take the time to consider these points below. They might just guide you through decision-making more quickly than you think. 


Weight would have to be the most crucial consideration when hunting for the best lightweight tent for hiking. After all, ultralight hiking tents can prevent unnecessary fatigue and help you reach your destination with far fewer aches and pains.

Pay attention to the packed weight of all the hiking tents that grab your attention. Around two kilograms can be the sweet spot for most high-quality options.


It’s only natural to be a bit of a bargain hunter when you’re shopping online for the best lightweight hiking tent. After all, the less you spend on a tent, the more you have to spend on other equipment.

However, it’s essential to balance quality and value for money. Spend too much, and you might feel like you overpaid but spend too little, and it might show in the tent’s quality.


Are you hiking by yourself or with friends? Tents come in all shapes, styles, and sizes and cater to different numbers. Make sure you know this information and pay attention to the inner dimensions. Generally, most hiking tents have room for one, two, and three people.


The last thing most people feel like doing after a day-long hike is spending several hours putting up a tent in the dark. Pay attention to the ease of setup. Some tent manufacturers actually list how long it will take you to assemble their tent, while others make sure there are as few setup steps as possible for convenience.


While some seasons are more comfortable for hiking than others, that doesn’t mean we all head out at the same time of the year. You might enjoy winter hiking in some of the warmer parts of Australia, or you’re a fan of autumn leaves. 

Pay attention to the season rating of a tent, which can be 1, 2, 3, and 4. A 1-season tent is ideal for warm or tropical conditions and is typically unsuitable for rain. A 2-season tent might withstand light wind and rain, but it’s more suitable for use in spring and autumn.

If you’ve purchased a 3-season tent, you’ll be pleased to know that it can handle moderate wind, rain, and light snow, in summer, autumn and spring, while 4 season hiking tents can handle all four seasons. Although, they typically don’t function well in extreme weather conditions.


Sometimes, finding the best hiking tent for your needs can be a case of comparing the most desirable features. Look out for mention of interior pockets for all your small, easy-to-lose hiking accessories, sturdy carry bags, and doors and windows for ventilation.

You might also like to review the materials used in the manufacturing process and whether they have any special features that make them stronger than their competition.

Best Tents for Hiking in Australia

Best Hiking Tents: 1-Person

Best Hiking Tents: MSR Hubba Hubba 1 Hiking Tent

This one-person Hubba Hubba hiking tent from MSR is an ideal addition to any solo hiker’s pack. It’s suitable for three seasons, comes in a compact stuff sack, and has a convenient unified hub-and-pole system for easy setup.

You’re also bound to appreciate the one-hand closing system, rainfly with built-in gutters, and robust scratch and tear-resistant materials. This high-quality tent also weighs a mere 1.11kg, which means it more than fits into that desirable lightweight tent category.

Weight: 1.11kg
Sleeping Capacity: 1
Materials: rip-stop nylon, DuraShield™ polyurethane and silicone, polyester micromesh, Easton® Syclone™ frame
Season Rating: 3
Sleeping Area: 216 x 10 x 10cm
Warranty: Limited lifetime

Best Hiking Tents: Mountain Designs Redline 1 Person Hiking Tent

You won’t want to be without this Mountain Designs Redline 1-person hiking tent on your next hiking adventure. At just 1.66kg, it’ll be a delight to carry in your hiking backpack, and it also sets up in just minutes thanks to its single pole and hub system.

There is a generous amount of living space with a 1.69m2 floor area, and you can have plenty of room to spread out and sleep thanks to the storage pouches and gear loft for all your equipment. 

This Mountain Designs tent also comes with 13 pegs, a three-season rating, a stuff sack with compression straps and roll-top closure, and a waterproof coating for peace of mind. What more do you need on your next tramping trip?

Weight: 1.66kg
Sleeping Capacity: 1
Materials: Polyester, nylon, aluminium
Season Rating: 3
Sleeping Area: 1.69m²

Best Hiking Tents: Denali Zephyr I Hiking Tent

When you don’t want to spend the earth but still want one of the best hiking tents, don’t look past this Denali Zephyr hike tent. These lightweight tents provide superior protection from the elements and are made to last the distance with rip-stop polyester, mini vestibule and tape-sealed seams, and self-repairing zippers. 

Enjoy relief from the insects courtesy of the anti-insect mesh inner tent, and travel comfortably thanks to the lightweight poles contributing to an overall tent weight of 1.9kg. This hiking tent is suitable for one person and even comes with a one-year warranty for peace of mind.

Weight: 1.9kg
Sleeping Capacity: 1
Materials: Rip-stop polyester, aluminium,
Sleeping Area: 260 x 110 x 90cm
Warranty: 1 year

Best Hiking Tents: OZtrail Nomad 1 Hiking Tent

A limited budget doesn’t have to mean an uncomfortable night out in nature. Purchase this Oztrail Nomad 1 hiking tent, and you might be surprised at how much rest you can achieve. This 1.9kg tent with polyester and privacy mech is lightweight, easy to put up, and comfortable to sleep in.

It’s a three-season rated tent for more flexibility throughout the year and has a range of exciting features like insect protection, seam sealing, internal storage, and a tub-style floor. It boasts a no-fuss design for ease of setup and a competitive price tag that can’t help but impress. Sometimes, the best tents for hiking aren’t necessarily the most expensive ones.

Weight: 1.9kg
Sleeping Capacity: 1
Materials: UVTex® sun tough polyester, 210T Oxford polyester
Season Rating: 3
Sleeping Area: 230 x 105cm
Warranty: 2 years

Best Hiking Tents: 2-Person

MSR Hubba Hubba 2 Hiking Tent

If a 1-person tent isn’t quite large enough to cater to your hiking needs, why not check out 2 person hiking tents? This MSR Hubba Hubba 2 hiking tent is packed with convenient features for up to two hikers and is still lighter than many 1-person hiking tents for sale.

It boasts 213 x 127cm of space, high-quality materials like nylon, silicone, and polyurethane, and it even has two large StayDry™ doors for effortless entry and exit.

These 2 person hiking tents also come with reinforced patches and stitching, a removable rainfly, strength features, and gear loft pockets. All that’s left to do now is put it inside the compression stuff sack with its pull handle and start your outdoor adventure.

Weight: 1.47kg
Sleeping Capacity: 2
Materials: Nylon, polyurethane, silicone
Season Rating: 3
Sleeping Area: 213 x 127cm
Warranty: Limited lifetime

Vaude Hogan UL 2P Hiking Tent

Ultralight tents for two people can be hard to come by, but this three-season Mountain Designs Expedition 2-person hiking tent proves it’s not impossible. Even though it weighs just 1.86kg, courtesy of the polyamide materials and lightweight aluminium pole, it still comfortably caters to two hikers. 

It boasts a generous sleeping area of 230 x 130 x 105cm, has storage to keep your dirty gear away from your bedding, and even has ground ventilation for airflow while you sleep. Hikers might also be pleased when they learn about the eco-friendly manufacturing processes, generous headroom, and high wind stability when you need it the most.

The icing on the cake is the five-year warranty, easily making this one of the best 2 person hiking tents available online in Australia.

Weight: 1.86kg
Sleeping Capacity: 2
Materials: Polyamide, aluminium
Season Rating: 3
Sleeping Area: 230 x 130 x 105cm
Warranty: 5 years

Denali Zephyr I Hiking Tent

Are you looking for some of the best hiking tents? You might be in the right place with a Denali Zephyr tent for two. 

This 2.2kg tent featuring polyester and aluminium materials is all about comfort and convenience in the outdoors. It has a generous 225 x 145 x 100cm sleeping area, a one-year warranty, and a compression bag for easy carrying in your tramping bag.

Thanks to the quick pole sleeves, reflective guidelines, and easy-use alloy pegs, you’ll be able to set this tent up and put it to use in no time.

Weight: 2.2kg
Sleeping Capacity: 2
Materials: Polyester, aluminium
Sleeping Area: 225 x 145 x 100cm
Warranty: 1 year

Mountain Designs Expedition 2 Person Hiking Tent

While this Mountain Designs Expedition two-person hiking tent isn’t the lightest hiking tent on the market, it sure does pack a punch as far as convenience, comfort, and setup go. It sleeps two people comfortably, boasts superior rip-stop nylon and polyester, and is ideal for four seasons instead of the more common three seasons.

Whether you’re heading out in the pouring rain or the blowing wind, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing this tent has the strength and durability necessary to manage rainfall, wind, or snow in all four seasons of the year.

It comes with a four-pole sleeve system, plenty of pegs and tie-down points, storage pouches, and a generous internal area. It’s also both windproof and waterproof and comes in a stuff sack with compression straps and a roll-top closure.

Weight: 2.84kg
Sleeping Capacity: 2
Materials: Nylon, polyester, aluminium
Season Rating: 4
Sleeping Area: 2.62m²

Mountain Designs Redline 2 Person Hiking Tent

When searching for the best hiking tent, this model from Mountain Designs might shoot to the top of your wishlist. Sure, they aren’t ultralight tents at 2.42kg, but you won’t hold that against them when you learn what this tent brings to your next outdoor adventure.

They feature waterproof materials like nylon, come with a vestibule for extra sheltered space, two vents for airflow, and a single pole, hub, and pivot system for quick and easy assembly. Hikers might also appreciate the two gear lofts, three internal mesh storage pouches, and the included stuff sack for easy transportation on your travels. This three-season tent can’t help but tick all the right boxes.

Weight: 2.42kg
Sleeping Capacity: 2
Materials: Polyester, nylon, aluminium
Season Rating: 3
Sleeping Area: 230 x 130 x 105cm

Companion Pro Hiker 2 Hiking Tent

If you’re a seasoned hiker who wants nothing less than the best when it comes to hiking tents, check out this Companion Pro Hiker 2 hiking tent. It’s reasonably lightweight at 2.7kg, has a quick setup dome design, and has heat-taped seams for durability.

The gear loft and vestibules stand out for their storage convenience, as will the roof vents for ventilation. This tent also comes with a compression bag for straightforward packing and high-quality materials like 150-denier Oxford polyester for peace of mind against wear and tear.

Weight: 2.7kg
Sleeping Capacity: 2
Materials: Rip-stop polyester, alloy
Sleeping Area: 215 x 140cm
Warranty: 1 year

OZtrail Nomad 2 Person Hiking Tent

Be confident in your sleeping quarters the next time you head out into the great outdoors with this OZtrail Nomad 2 hiking tent. At 2.3kg, it’s lightweight to carry and designed to handle three seasons with its UVTex® sun tough polyester and fibreglass frame.

Short poles allow it to fold to a compact size, and it has all those convenient and must-have features like two vestibules, privacy mesh, storage, and a tub-style floor. Sealing the deal is a two-year warranty, giving you peace of mind that OZtrail delivers a quality product.

Weight: 2.3kg
Sleeping Capacity: 2
Materials: Polyester, fibreglass
Season Rating: 3

Sleeping Area: 250 x 135cm
Warranty: 2 years

Best Hiking Tents: 3-Person

MSR Hubba Hubba 3 Person Hiking Tent

When a two-person hiking tent isn’t enough to satisfy your space requirements, check out this three-person hiking tent from MSR. It ticks all the right boxes for being an ultralight tent by weighing just 1.72kg, yet it has a generous 213 x 173cm floor area for up to three people.

This Hubba Hubba tent also boasts durable materials like polyurethane and rip-stop nylon and has a limited lifetime warranty for peace of mind. Enjoy a unified hub-and-pole system for easy setup, reinforced patches and stitching, two StayDry™ doors, and storage pockets. It even comes in a compression stuff sack with a pull handle for easy transport on your travels.

Weight: 1.72kg
Sleeping Capacity: 3
Materials: Rip-stop nylon, polyurethane, silicone, Easton® Syclone™
Season Rating: 3

Sleeping Area: 213 x 173cm
Warranty: Limited lifetime

Mountain Designs Alpine Bunker 3 Person Hiking Tent

As long as you don’t mind carrying around a 4.56kg tent, this Mountain Designs tent is undoubtedly one of the best hiking tents on the market. It has a four-season rating, a capacity for three people, and a generous amount of space for both gear and people.

Hikers love the robustness of this tent for combating wind, rain, and even snow, and it also has a snow skirt to keep the frost out. The sturdy aluminium poles give it plenty of strength, while the nylon and polyester are designed to be waterproof for 5,000mm.

The 12 internal mesh storage pouches are a pleasant surprise, and the entire tent tucks away tightly in a stuff sack with compression straps and a roll-top closure.

Weight: 4.56kg
Sleeping Capacity: 3
Materials: Rip-stop nylon, polyurethane
Season Rating: 4

Sleeping Area: 230 x 124cm

Denali Storm III Hiking Tent

When you’re on a budget but need to travel lightly, check out this Denali Storm III hiking tent. Available in a vibrant red colour scheme, it’s a desirable tent for hikers, bikers, and explorers alike.

It weighs 3.17kg, has space for three people, and boasts a generous sleeping area of 220 x 160 x 115cm. It also has a high-quality rip-stop fly, reflective guy ropes, lightweight poles, and an anti-insect mesh inner tent for a peaceful pest-free slumber.

You’re also bound to love the tape seam sealing for water resistance and the compression bag for easy transportation. This tent might be one of the most affordable on the market, but it’s also one of the best hiking tents for the money.

Weight: 3.17kg
Sleeping Capacity: 3
Materials: Rip-stop polyester, aluminium
Sleeping Area: 220 x 160 x 115cm

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