The Budawang Range is a unique and incredibly beautiful feature on the south coast of New South Wales, well known and loved by bushwalkers and other outdoor enthusiasts.

Although it’s especially well known for it’s rugged, wild terrain, there’s at least one place where those lower down the fitness scale can experience its unbelievable views first hand – the Mount Bushwalker Walking Track.

Descend a management vehicle track for a short time before turning off into the scrub, then you’ll make your way through tunnels cut into the thicket of Banksia trees, crossing boardwalks and stepping stones fashioned from tree stumps over swampy creeks, emerging onto a high plateu. From here the trail is marked with yellow dots painted onto the rock. While navigation isn’t terribly difficult due to the low vegetation and the cliffs at the edge of the plateu, do make sure you pay attention to these dots or you might find yourself confused.

Interestingly, Mount Bushwalker isn’t a mountain at all but rather the high point of a sandstone plateu. This only means that it’s a bit easier than your average mountain hike – the views on the latter part of the trail are as spectacular as any summit. See the Clyde River Valley, Gadara Point, Mount Talaterang, and the distinctive crown of Pigeon House Mountain.

Keep the noise down and you’ll be treated to a variety of birds and lizards, and maybe even a wallaby or two. Please be aware that it may be impassable after heavy rain.

The most common feedback I get from readers of The Bushwalking Blog is that they “just want more hikes to do”. I get it – hiking is my passion too. I do more hikes than I’d ever have the time to write about, so that’s why I’ve decided Bare Bones Bushwalking is now a thing. Not every hike has a story I can attach to it and some I just don’t get around to writing up, so in an effort to share ALL of (or at least more of) the hikes with you I’m doing this. A more simplified blog post that gives you everything you need to go and do the hike yourself. Make your own stories.

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Mount Bushwalker Walking Track - Morton National Park - New South Wales
Mount Bushwalker Walking Track - Morton National Park - New South Wales
Mount Bushwalker Walking Track - Morton National Park - New South Wales
Mount Bushwalker Walking Track - Morton National Park - New South Wales
Mount Bushwalker Walking Track - Morton National Park - New South Wales

Need to Know

Last Visited: 2017
Length: 7 km
Time: 2 hrs 30 min
Grade: Easy – Moderate / Grade 4 (according to the Australian Walking Track Grading System).
Style Return.
Region: New South Wales
Park: Morton National Park
Closest Town: Milton (22 km)
Car Access: Turn into Porters Creek Dam Road from the Princes Highway, about 5 km south of Fishermans Paradise or 9 km north of Milton, and follow the signs to Mount Bushwalker.
Map: Some of the trail requires following painted yellow dots on the rocky surfaces, so I recommend coming equipped with a topographic map. NSWtopo’s Tianjara 1:25,000 should cover you. If you’re happy to use your phone as your map you can download the free Avenza Maps app (on Android, iPhone, or Windows) and purchase it for AUD$2.99.

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Have you visited Mount Bushwalker or Morton National Park? Got them on your bucket list? If you have any stories, updates or corrections, please let us know by commenting below.

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