If you ever associated the Energizer brand with head torches, you were probably thinking of the batteries to power them. As with a computer software manufacturer, you’d look elsewhere for the hardware.

Well now the battery company has entered the head torch hardware business. And judging by the Energizer® Vision HD+ Focus range, the more established brands have a worthy competitor.

Design, Comfort & Durability (Rating: 75%)

The design of the squat-torch-on-an-elasticised-headband might have earned it the nickname “dorklight” (because you look like a dork when you wear one), but it’s hard to beat for hands-free practicality in the bush and around the home. Energizer has stuck with the tried and trusted design, fitting their nicely variable light source on an easily adjusted headband. The headband has a comfortable width, a soft feel on the head, and once fitted it stays tight. That’s important when you could be wearing it for hours track finding after dark, rogaining, wildlife spotting, or simply reading.

The LED lens cover seems strong and durable, though I was initially less convinced about some of the other plastic components. The tilt adjustment, in particular, feels more flimsy, clicks loudly, and doesn’t inspire confidence. However, the torch is supposed to resist being dropped from 1 metre and has a lifetime guarantee covering defects in materials, so perhaps confidence should be restored. Finally, while this isn’t a beauty contest (they’re all dorklights after all), I wouldn’t judge the Energizer as the best-looking torch available.

Energizer Vision HD+ Focus LED Head Torch review

Functionality & Ease of Use (Rating: 85%)

The torch has a very useful range of settings, accessed via two top buttons. You cycle through those settings by clicking the top right button. There’s a two-LED red light, which will help you not blind your tent/hut mates or wildlife. The main beam can be varied by using the left of the two top buttons. Keep pressing the button and you will focus or widen the main beam, and then make it stronger or weaker. At maximum setting – 250 lumens – it’s something of a spotlight, with a range of up to 80 meters. Wider and dimmer settings can be used for cooking, reading etc. With a little practice, I soon found myself using the two button system to good effect.

One very useful option is the memory recall function. If you switch the torch on using the left top switch, it will return to your previous setting. That said, I did find it tricky locating the buttons, by feel, in the dark. The buttons are almost recessed and not easily distinguished from the rest of the torch surface.

The torch uses three AAA batteries (supplied) and should last 30-50 hours, depending on the settings used. That should be enough to see you through a multi-day walk with plenty to spare.

What I Like

  • There’s a good set of specifications, including an adjustable beam, a red light, and a memory recall setting.
  • The strongest beam setting is suitable for activity-based use at night, including track finding or night running.
  • The adjustable head strap is comfortable and grips well.
  • The level of water resistance should suit most users.
  • Given its specifications, it’s competitively priced.

What I Don’t Like

  • The pivot adjustment is basic and noisy – not something you’d want to hear in a hut late at night.
  • While the main lens section looks robust, some other plastic parts appear a little more fragile.
  • The top buttons are a little difficult to locate in the dark.
  • While its mother might love it, it’s not one of the best-looking torches around.

Get One

The Energizer Vision HD+ Focus LED Head Torch is available online from Anaconda.

Disclaimer: Energizer supplied a Vision HD+ Focus LED Head Torch for review. The purchase link above is an affiliate link. None of this has any influence on the opinions presented in my review.

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