Backcountry Solutions provided me with a Geek Pocket to test. This has no influence on my opinions and my review is completely unbiased.


About 9 months ago I bought myself a shiny new GPS, and excitedly took it out for an overnight hike in Victoria’s Alpine National Park. I had absolutely no idea how to use the thing, but boy was it purdy.

With the GPS hanging by a carabiner from my backpack-strap, I could easily access it when I needed to. I really didn’t put any thought into buying a case or a screen-protector for it, and I wouldn’t have had time before leaving town anyway. So inevitably, it wasn’t long before I took my pack off without thinking and put it down against a rock, christening the GPS screen with a nice big scratch right down the middle. I wasn’t impressed.

Geek Pocket review

Naturally I got myself a screen protector as soon as I got back to Melbourne. However, I wanted more protection. When I discovered the Geek Pocket, I knew it would be perfect. My first thought was actually that every backpack should come with one.

The GPS fits inside with extra space, and is protected by a fleece lining. The outside is tough canvas, and although I haven’t been using it for very long, I think it will last, as it seems to be stitched together very well. A Velcro strap over the top holds the GPS (or other large item) in, when bending over or scrambling over tricky terrain.
On the back of the pocket there are two annex-clips, which would hold the pocket onto the straps of most backpacks very well. They can be vertically adjusted to fit between stitching or other clips, if necessary.

If you’ve already got some kind of storage for your GPS, the Geek Pocket would be good for heaps of other things too. I get extremely sick of taking my pack off all the time to retrieve food, my phone or point-and-shoot camera, sunscreen, or whatever else you might need to keep handy.

I really do look for faults when writing reviews like this, in fear that you guys will think I’m blowing smoke up someone’s butt. I guess it’s partially because I pick and choose the items that I review, that I usually don’t have many negative things to say. This occasion is no different.

The Geek Pocket is available online from Backcountry Solutions.


Do you have a Geek Pocket? What do you think? If you have anything to say, please leave a comment below.