Pimpama is a small northern suburb on the Gold Coast with a conservative population of under 10,000. While it might seem like it’s off the beaten track for some of Australia’s most desirable outdoor attractions, you might be surprised at just how much there is to do with your family out in nature. If you have a few hours to spare and want to venture into the great outdoors, consider visiting some of these family-friendly locations.

Aquila Reserve

There are plenty of things to do in Pimpama that involve strenuous exercise but if you’re not quite ready to take that step with your family you can ease yourself into it with a trip to Aquila Reserve, a neighbourhood park with plenty of flora and fun things to do with the kids. You can have a barbeque, play on the playground, and even exercise your dogs in the many off-leash areas.

Pimpama River Conservation Area

Pimpama River Conservation Reserve
Image courtesy of hlw.org.au

The Pimpama River Conservation Area is on the outskirts of Pimpama’s town centre and is renowned for supporting coastal vegetation communities. Wander down to this natural attraction, and you’ll be amazed by the mangrove and forest shrubland, coastal sedgelands, saltmarsh and marine flats, and eucalypt coastal woodland.

After surveys were carried out, it was also revealed that it was home to at least 184 native plant species and 134 vertebrate fauna species, such as mammals, birds, frogs, and reptiles. There are no official walking trails in the park but take your time and walk around the park, paying particular attention to the finer details of the vegetation. While dogs aren’t allowed in this area, nature lovers visiting Pimpama are bound to enjoy the peace and serenity of the surroundings.

Curtis Falls Track

Curtis Falls
Image courtesy of Paul Balfe, on flickr

A little further afield but well worth the drive to Tamborine National Park, Curtis Falls flows over massive basalt columns into a picturesque pool, surrounded by wet eucalypt forests dotted with tall flooded gums and even strangler fig.

The walk to Curtis Falls is only 1.1 kilometres but the trail conditions can vary greatly, so it’s considered a Grade 3 track. Allow at least an hour or so to enjoy the walk to the falls and then stop and fully appreciate this peaceful place.

Colman Road Reserve

Colman Road Reserve
Just 15 minutes from Pimpama is the Colman Road Reserve, a natural area conservation park adjoining the Pimpama River and McCoys Creek. Whether you love kayaking, boating, or picnicking, you’re bound to appreciate this conservation park’s offerings. Colman Road Reserve is also a popular location for koala watching and has a wonderful native bird population in the area. Any animal and nature lover might like to add this location to the top of their must-visit list.

Eagleby Wetlands Conservation Reserve

Eagleby Wetlands
Image courtesy of Visit Brisbane
Just 15 minutes outside of Pimpama lies Eagleby Wetlands Conservation Reserve. Techically a series of reserves, the Eagleby Wetlands protects varied bird habitats, like brackish swamps and melaleuca. The 4 kilometre Eagleby Wetlands Walk takes in these habitats and more, including a freshwater lake and open grasslands. It’s a must visit for bird watchers. Allow 1.5 to 2 hours to complete the trail.

Coomera Springs Park

If you’ve got young children who wouldn’t appreciate hours-long bushwalks, set your sights on Coomera Springs Park. This small park is a short five-minute drive from Pimpama’s centre and has no shortage of things to do. Let the kids explore the playground, enjoy the shelter from the big shady trees, and meander down the accessible pathways leading to boardwalks and the lake. Plenty of seating, picnic shelters, and water fountains make this a beautiful place to spend a low-key afternoon outdoors.
You don’t have to look too far in Pimpama to find a beautiful outdoor space to enjoy quality time with loved ones. Now might be the right time to gather up the family and check out one of these desirable locations.

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