Author: John Clark

Review: Ecococoon ICONSPEAK 600ml Insulated Water Bottle

Saying Ecococoon three times in a row is a potential sobriety test. Nonetheless, Ecococoon is, in fact, an Aussie company that started in 2009 designing cups and bottles. The ‘Eco’ label comes from the fact that they use 50% recycled stainless steel in their products and the ‘cocoon’ part describes the company’s “protect and nurture” ethos. Sounds a bit fluffy but each to their own and the world could sure do with a little “protect and nurture” from time to time. So how does Ecococoon’s 600ml ICONSPEAK stainless vacuum insulated water bottle stack up against its bold claims of...

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Review: Macpac Cascade 90L Backpack – How bombproof is it?

The Cascade is described by Macpac as a “classic tramping pack” and has been one of their top line flagship packs for many years. Hikers have often been heard to use the word “bombproof” in conjunction with the Cascade and a Cascade 90 famously accompanied British explorer Ed Stafford on his 860-day traverse of the Amazon River. I chose this pack specifically for multi-day family hikes in Tasmania with small children who only carry one-quarter of their body weight which usually means just sleeping gear, clothes, snacks and water. The rest is on my shoulders. I also selected the...

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