Author: Lori Fahey

Review: Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker – Stylish if not entirely accurate

I have always wanted a Fitbit, for a whole bunch of reasons. I feel like a Fitbit will inspire me to exercise more and to work more incidental activity into my day. I like geeky things, so I (correctly) assumed that the novelty of the tech would inspire me to get off my butt a bit. And, let’s face it… Fitbits just kind of look cool. People who wear Fitbits have their shit together. They exercise, they sleep well, they drink plenty of water. And even if they don’t, they look like they do. Because they are wearing a...

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Review: Arctic Yowie multi-function headwear

I feel the cold. Compared to Neil, who is generally fine in pants and a jumper no matter how cold it gets, I’m a human iceblock. I shiver and shake when the temp drops below 20 degrees. And, boy, do I complain about it. I’m guessing that my constant complaining was a driving force behind Neil giving me the Artic Yowie to review.   Design, Comfort & Durability (Rating: 95%) If you’ve not come across a Yowie before, they are pretty cool. Think a bandana, but better. A bandana that doubles as a headband, neck wrap, hat, face mask,...

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Grand Canyon Track: One of the Blue Mountains National Park’s most stunning walks

Knowing that I’m very much not a hiker, Neil promised me that our trip to the Blue Mountains would involve a few relatively easy day walks. I must have done so amazingly well on our first hike, that he decided to test me a bit. That’s what I’m telling myself, anyway. Because I’m not sure the Grand Canyon walk falls into the ‘easy’ category. In fact, closer inspection tells me it’s actually graded as ‘Hard’. I should have known better- the name itself sounds ominous.   Lori checking out the Grose River Valley from Evans Lookout     The...

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