It’s a tried and tested formula – place characters in situations where they don’t quite fit and it tends to make for hilarious comedy. What’s even funnier though, is when it’s real.

@GhettoHiker is a Twitter account that I discovered last week, which fits the aforementioned formula nicely. I haven’t been able to find out much about its owner, but he goes by the name of Mr. Cody and the bio on the Twitter account says this:

I’m 28. I have a full-time job leading urban kids (of all races) on nature hikes. I simply write down shit they say.

What a clever way to document the funniest parts of a job that must be incredibly challenging at times. I spent an hour or so reading it, resulting in much hysterical laughter and many tears (of the laughter variety). This may have been exaggerated by the fact that we haven’t been getting a lot of sleep lately at our house, but I’m hoping you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.

Here’s a taste of the best tweets, but check @GhettoHiker out on Twitter for more.

Update – 27th January 2014: Looks like Ghetto Hikes has a new Twitter account (@GhettoHikesBack), replacing the one linked above.


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