Date Of Walk: 06/12/2008
Length (km): 1.8 km (according to
Time (hrs/mins): 20 mins
Grade: Easy
Return / Circuit / One-Way / Partial Circuit: Partial Circuit
Region: Melbourne
Park: Plenty Gorge (Hawkstowe Park)
Closest Town: South Morang
Ascent: 28m (according to
Maximum Height: 156m (according to
Map: Highlighted extract from ParkWeb Park Note (Hawkstowe Park)
Further Details / Source(s): ParkWeb Park Note: Hawkstowe Park & Plenty Gorge Park – Visitor Guide

Getting There: Access is via Plenty Road. Turn right onto Gordons Road and then left into the park (there should be a sign to the Red Gum Picnic Area.

Comments: This park is very open and not the most natural of settings. I wanted to check out the lakes and I’m glad I did because I saw some interesting birds and recorded some cool animal sounds but I wouldn’t recommend doing it if you’re looking for a ‘bushwalk’.

I knew the walk to the lakes would be short if I drove right up to the Homestead so that’s why I decided to park at the Red Gum picnic area and walk from there. There was another, longer track that seemed to extend from the lakes (Wonga Track or something similar?) but I decided not to follow it as it wasn’t on any of my maps.

Update: Trent has commented below, after exploring this area a bit further and finding some more tracks and interesting sites. Make sure you check out what he has to say if you’re thinking of visiting Hawkstowe Park.

Melbourne Park Walk: Hawkstowe Park Lakes - Plenty Gorge - Victoria

Lake in Hawkstowe Park