Date of Walk: 14/01/2009
Length (km): 1.8 km
Time (hrs/min): 30 min
Grade: Easy
Return / Circuit / One-Way / Partial Circuit: Return
Region: Western Victoria
Park: Langi-Ghiran State Park
Closest Town: Ararat
Ascent: approx. 75 m (according to
Maximum Height: approx. 477 m (according to
Map: Shown clearly on Park Note below
Further Details / Source(s): Park Web Park Note: Langi Ghiran State Park – Visitor Guide

Getting There: Access is from the Western Highway between Beaufort and Ararat. Do not turn off where there is a brown and white tourist sign to Langi-Ghiran State Park. The walk is from Langhi Ghiran Track so you’ll need to take the next road to the East of that turn-off (Sandpit Road), which is not signed but can be easily found in relation to Colonial Road and the railway track crossing (under the road). Use the map on the ParkWeb Park Note above.

Comments: Though very short, this walk is worthwhile for the shelter and rock art. The track climbs gently up and is very easy to follow (a few other tracks cross but just follow the biggest, most well-established one). Part of the track borders farmland but other than this, the scenery is really nice.

At the end of the track are two very large boulders which the Ngutuwul balug (Mountain people) clan used as shelter. On the other side of the boulders is the painting (shown in my photo below), which is quite faded and surrounded by a cage to protect it. Prior to the arrival of Europeans, the pictures were painted over but the practice ceased at this point in time. The meaning of the paintings is not known.

Lar-ne-Jeering Walk - Langi-Ghiran State Park - Victoria

Tree along the track to the shelter

Lar-ne-Jeering Walk - Langi-Ghiran State Park - Victoria

Lar-Ne-Jeering Shelter


Lar-ne-Jeering Walk - Langi-Ghiran State Park - Victoria

Rock art