Many astonishing natural wonders are spread all over the world. The double-decker living root bridge in Meghalaya is one of them. The 150-year-old, 50 meters long, and 1.5-meter-wide bridge is entirely made of the roots of ancient rubber trees at two levels. There are many living root bridges across the rainforests, but this double decker root bridge is unique and astounding. For this reason, the double decker living root bridge is also one of the most scenic places in Meghalaya too.

How to reach the double-decker living root bridge?

To visit the double-decker living root bridge, you need to reach the Nongriat village at Cherrapunji, almost 100 km away from Shillong- the capital of Meghalaya state in India. Shillong is well connected with Guwahati by road, and Guwahati is easily accessible by train and air.

Prepare for the Trek

Keep your mind that you need to complete the trek within 4 pm before it gets dark. So, try to start the hike as early as you can. You can hire a guide at the beginning of the trek, but you can trek alone if you want. The whole pathway is well-directed, and there is hardly any deviation. Don’t carry heavy garments or something heavy. Carry enough water with you and get a trekking pole to get support when walking.

Starting the Trek from Tyrna Village

By road from Cherrapunji, it takes almost half an hour to reach Tyrna village, from where the trek begins. To reach the double-decker bridge, you have to be fit physically to climb up and down almost 7000 steps through the trek route.

Living Root Bridge Trek - Meghalaya (India)

The Majestic Rainforest

Apart from the root bridge, walking on the forest trail is a fantastic experience on this trek. You can see varieties of wildflowers and listen to the birds singing while walking along the trail. The rainforest on the route is full of moss, fern, and various other flora. Different types of animals like lizards, jungle cats, and barking deer live in the forest.

After approximately one hour, you need to cross a bridge hanging on a crystal blue river. From this point, you have to trek uphill for an hour to reach the double decker living root bridge.

The Glory of Double Decker Living Root Bridge

After a few hours of trekking, you will be amazed by its fantastic natural beauty when you witness the living root bridge. The indigenous Khasi tribe created the bridge by growing roots from the ancient rubber trees. The villagers shape these roots into a bridge by pulling the roots and twisting them.

It takes almost fifteen years to be strong enough to bear people’s weight. This bridge can hold the weight of nearly 40 people at a time. In the double-decker living root bridge, two bridges are stacked one of the other. You can climb both of them, and they are safe.

Immerse your feet in the river water flowing under the bridge and enjoy the surrounding forest. The tiredness while trekking will be gone with the fascinating ambience around the bridge. The natural fish spa will make you emphatic.

Living Root Bridge Trek - Meghalaya (India)

The Rainbow Falls

From this point, you can trek back to Tyrna village. But if you have time and your body has the capacity, then you can continue your trek to Rainbow waterfalls. After some ascents and descents in the route, you will reach a suspension bridge, followed by another smaller living root bridge. When you reach the falls, you can get rid of all your exhaustion by bathing in the natural swimming pool formed under the waterfalls.

The Return Journey

If you want to cover only the double-decker living root bridge, then it takes around 4-6 hours to complete the trek including the return journey. Beginners may find it challenging to trek on thousands of steps, but they will gain indomitable courage and self-confidence after the walk.

Nearby Homestays and Hotels

There are tiny stalls along the trek route to get tea or coffee, noodles, omelettes, etc. On the trek route, you can stay at the Serene homestay. Surrounded by the dense forest, it is the best homestay on the course, with basic amenities like hot water for 24 hours, a toilet, and tasty foods. If you want to stay in a luxurious hotel, you have to choose Hotel Polo Orchid, located near Cherrapunjee.

When should you visit there?

The winter season is the best time for double decker living root bridge trek. Cold weather, clear sky, and mind-blowing view enhance the trekking experience. But one who seeks more adventure can trek in the monsoon. The lush greenery, overflowing waterfalls, and beautiful rainforest make the trek attractive. But please be aware of the slippery path and leeches at this time. Overall, it can be an experience of a lifetime to witness such a beautiful creation. So, pack your bag and visit double decker living root bridge in Meghalaya.

Need to Know

Length: 6 km
Time: 4 – 6 hrs
Grade: Easy to Moderate
Style Return
Best Time to Go: October to February

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