Buckle up, adventurers, because Bluetti has announced that they’re releasing a new 1800W portable power station on May 15th – the AC180.

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As a gear junkie who’s been using the Bluetti EB3A for a couple of months now, I’ve been eagerly awaiting Bluetti’s next move, and the AC180 Portable Power Station looks set to impress. Boasting a massive 1800W power and a host of new features, this portable powerhouse promises to keep you charged on even your wildest adventures. The AC180’s 1152Wh LFP battery capacity will be a game-changer for those who love to spend extended periods off-grid, whether you’re a camper, vanlifer, 4WDer or a grey nomad.

For those who aren’t in the know, Bluetti is a leading energy solutions provider that specialises in the design, manufacturing and distribution of innovative portable solar generators and battery storage systems. Operating since 2020, they’ve quickly gained a reputation for their eco-friendly and affordable products for use by everyone from outdoor adventurers to those who require emergency home power solutions (like those with CPAP machines).

While I haven’t had a chance to test the AC180 just yet, the information provided in Bluetti’s press release and the AC180 User Manual looks very promising. I’ll await the launch to find out the price before I comment on value, but based on Bluetti’s previous offerings, this is likely to be a serious contender for your next off-grid power solution.

A Power Upgrade for the Modern Adventurer

With an 1800W pure sine wave inverter and a 1152Wh LiFePO4 battery, the AC180 is ideal for camping, van life, and even home power backup during blackouts or emergencies. It’s capable of functioning as a UPS, switching over to battery power in just 20ms when AC power cuts out.

The AC180 also features a 2700W “Power Lifting” mode, which might just let you run a kettle or a coffee machine while you’re off the grid. It’s worth noting, though, that this feature’s impact on the battery’s lifespan is yet to be determined.

More Ports, More Possibilities

The AC180 Portable Power Station is equipped with 2 AC output ports, 5 USB ports (4 USB-A and 1 USB-C), a 12V cigarette lighter port, and a 15W wireless charging pad, making it a versatile powerhouse for all your devices.

Gone are the days of juggling chargers and running out of sockets – the AC180 will have even the most technology-addicted adventurers covered. If you’re working from the road – read: living the vanlife dream – the AC180 will offer peace of mind, whether you’re earning through data entry or high-end video production.

The AC180 Portable Power Station, close-up

Charging Made Easy

Before you can charge or power your devices, though, you’ll need to charge up the AC180. That won’t be an issue, since the unit can take up to 1440W of AC input via a wall socket or generator, or 500W DC input via a 500W solar panel or your vehicle’s 12V cigarette lighter socket. You can even charge it up through multiple inputs at the same time.

The three charging modes – Standard, Turbo and Silent – mean you have choices. Silent does what it says in the name, lowering the charging input and allowing the AC180 to charge without the cooling fan kicking in – useful when you’re charging it while you sleep. In Turbo mode, you can charge the battery to 85% in just 45 minutes from an AC source. If charging in Standard mode from a 500W solar panel on a clear sunny day, Bluetti estimates that the AC180 can be charged from 0% to 100% in around three hours.

The Power of the Bluetti App

As with the EB3A, the AC180 supports the Bluetti app, allowing you to monitor everything happening inside the power station and optimise your power usage to your preference. You can check out my EB3A review for all the details, but basically, it’s like having your very own control centre at your fingertips.

New and Improved Features

The AC180 boasts an upgraded screen, offering more detailed information like precise battery capacity and working time. It’s also compatible with the upcoming B80 expansion battery. In response to customer feedback, Bluetti has included a 12V car charging cable in the box, meaning you won’t have to purchase it separately. To top it all off, they’ve extended their standard warranty to five years.

Whether you’re a casual camper and 4WD enthusiast or you’re living the van life full-time, the Bluetti AC180 Portable Power Station looks like it might be just what you need. Its multitude of charging options, high power and capacity, upgraded features, and compatibility with the upcoming B80 expansion battery make it a versatile and powerful companion for all your outdoor adventures. I’m excited to see if the AC180 lives up to its promises. Bluetti haven’t disappointed us on this front so far, so it might be time to start saving those pennies. The AC180 might be the catalyst for your most electrifying adventure yet.

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