In the lush, awe-inspiring outdoor landscapes of New Zealand, a new viral trend has taken root, and it goes by the unexpected name of “Rave Hiking”.

Blending outdoor exploration and music-infused celebration, it’s the brainchild of one audacious Kiwi who dared to bring the pulsating energy of a rave to the serenity of the mountaintops.

Rave Hiking isn’t just about traversing rugged terrain to reach the zenith of a mountain. It’s about creating an atmosphere of joy, spontaneity, and communal spirit in the heart of nature. It’s about challenging the conventional notions of where we can dance, how we can celebrate, and how we can connect with the natural world around us.

Before you start being all ‘get off my lawn’ about it, the trend was born during Covid lockdown times. I don’t see it increasing as an ongoing trend. You’re not likely to be lamenting the day that peaceful mountaintops ceased to exist.

The man behind the trend is a testament to the innovative spirit of human nature. Feeling bored and isolated during lockdown, his simple idea of setting trudging up a peak with music and a glittering disco ball so he could dance amidst New Zealand’s breathtaking vistas sparked a movement – it’s an invitation to let go and to combine the urge to dance with the urge to roam, maybe two of the most human urges.

I, for one, solute this man. As a passionate dancer and hiker, it’s easy to see why this concept caught like wildfire on social media.s From the sun-kissed beaches to the frost-tipped peaks of the world, the Rave Hiker’s contagious energy has inspired others to get down in the most unlikely places.

Will you catch me lugging this kind of equipment up a mountain? Hell no… but do let me know if you decide to give it a try. I’ll come for a boogie.

New Zealand’s 1News (on TVNZ) did an entertaining public interest story about Rave Hiking. Give it a watch above.

What unlikely places have you danced? Or any comments or corrections? Let us know in the comments section below.