As a couple with young kids, we absolutely love the rare occasion when we can spend some quality alone time together around the campfire. The only bummer has always been the urge to cuddle up together, which is a logistical nightmare when you have two separate standard camp chairs.

Stumbling across the Oztrail Galaxy 2-Seater Chair when we were chair shopping recently was a lightbulb moment because, though we vaguely knew that 2-seater camp chairs existed, we’d never thought to dish out a bit of extra cash on one for ourselves. When we looked at the cost of two separate good quality chairs, it wasn’t even that much more expensive. Now that we’ve enjoyed a handful of nights by a campfire in our Galaxy 2-Seater, we’re in agreeance that it was worth every single cent.

Design, Comfort & Durability (Rating: 100%)

The Oztrail Galaxy 2-Seater Camp Chair’s most important feature – apart from its obvious ability to sit two people – is its double-layer padded construction. We’re hardly talking memory foam levels of comfort, of course, but this does make it feel a little more couch and a little less camp chair.

A couple of the reviews we came across when researching our purchase mentioned that it feels too upright compared to other camp chairs but this might actually be the number one reason I’m so happy with it. Generally a few days of camping with standard camp chairs – especially if I’ve spent a lot of time sitting and exercising my drinking arm – leaves me with an aching back and shoulders. The Galaxy 2-Seater still feels loungey without curving every part of your body forward into the worst possible posture.

While there obviously needs to be a vertical pole supporting the front of the chair in the middle, we don’t find that this gets in our way when we’re snuggled up under our Rumpl. I did find out (the hard way) that it prevents you from sitting comfortably in the middle of the seat when you’ve got it all to yourself, but sitting to one side alone is perfectly comfy and doesn’t make the chair feel unbalanced.

The cup/can/stubby holders in the chair’s arms are pretty standard but the Oztrail Galaxy has the added advantage of a kind of plastic hook at the end of the arm, where your wine glass can sit nice and snuggly. This is a clever little feature that I’ve not seen on any other chairs.

For the most part, what’s left to mention about the design is pretty standard for camp chairs, except it’s obviously double the width. With a powder-coated steel tube frame and hard-wearing 600D polyester fabric, the construction does feel more sturdy – and the material more durable – than any of the other chairs we’ve used in the past.

Oztrail Galaxy 2 Seater Camp Chair Review

Functionality & Ease of Use (Rating: 95%)

The Oztrail Galaxy 2-Seater camp chair isn’t too heavy for car camping at around 6 kilos and packs down much smaller than I would’ve thought. Unpacking and setting up couldn’t be easier – it pulls out of the storage bag easily enough and I can even expand it with one hand. Nothing feels in danger of breaking while setting it up, either.

I’ve never seen a camp chair that wasn’t at least a bit of a pain in the butt to pack back into the bag, but Oztrail seem to have minimised this pain point with the Galaxy. The top half of the provided storage bag is made from a stretchy mesh material, so you can slide the folded chair in easily feet first and then manoeuvre the top half of the bag around the chair’s puffy bits.

The Galaxy comes with a mesh pocket that runs the whole length of the back of the chair. This could be a great little bit of extra off the ground storage to have around camp but we haven’t found any use for it so far. We’d have preferred a pocket at each side for us to put down our phones or other bits and pieces when we’re not sitting at the table. Maybe more agile people could reach the back pocket while sitting in the chair but this didn’t work for us at all.

What I Like

  • Snuggling up by the campfire on a cold night in the bush.
  • More comfortable to sit in than standard camp chairs.
  • Wine glass holders are a unique and useful feature.
  • Feels nice and sturdy / stable.
  • Packs down smaller than expected.
  • Easy to pack into the provided bag.

What I Don’t Like

  • Could use a pouch on each side to store things while you’re sitting down.
  • Some may find it a little too upright.

Get One

The Oztrail Galaxy 2-Seater Camp Chair can be purchased online via Snowys Outdoors.

Disclaimer: The Snowys Outdoors link above is an affiliate link, meaning a small percentage of any sales made via the link go to helping keep The Bushwalking Blog alive. This has no effect on the opinions presented in the above review.

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