Last Visited: 06/04/2009
Length (km): approx. 2.3 km (according to
Time (hrs/min): 1 hour
Grade: Easy
Return / Circuit / One-Way / Partial Circuit: Partial Circuit
Region: Melbourne
Park: Dandenong Ranges National Park
Closest Town: Kallista
Maximum Elevation: approx. 520 m (according to
Total Ascent: approx. 47 m (according to
Car Access: The Sherbrooke Picnic ground is accessible via Sherbrooke Road which is off the Mount Dandenong Tourist Road, just south of Sassafras. A short time after turning off Mount Dandenong Tourist Road, you actually need to take a right turn to remain on Sherbrooke Road so make sure you don’t stay on the road that turns north away from the forest (Melways Ref: 75 G2).

Determined not to let the rain stop me from walking today, I decided to take the opportunity to see some waterfalls while they were actually flowing so I headed for the Dandenongs to visit Sherbrooke Falls and Olinda Falls.

This walk begins at the Sherbrooke Picnic Ground, where you need to take the track heading south-west (I think there are only two tracks from the picnic ground so this shouldn’t be too hard… The track is also well-signed). At the picnic ground, there were loads of tourists feeding and taking photos of the birds, despite the large signs explaining why this is a bad idea. Please take note of the signs.

Once on the track, follow the signs at each intersection and you should be at the falls in no time. The track was wide and gravel surfaced so very easy to follow. Fortunately, this meant it didn’t get too muddy in the rain as it was raining so heavily at one stage that I had to shelter in a tree hollow.

Look out on the left for a signed (sharp) left turn down some steps to a bridge leading over the top of the falls. I couldn’t find a spot with a good view of the falls at all, so unfortunately I didn’t get a good photo of them. However, the view over the falls to the mossy gully below was totally worth the walk anyway.

I had planned to return via Hillclimb and O’Donohue Tracks but much to my dismay, Hillclimb Track was closed for works. I decided to retun via the same route but I soon realised that there was a link track only a few hundred meters back, so I could still use O’donahue Track as a different return route. I’ve highlighted my intended route on my map (above) since I’m pretty sure that the Hillclimb Track closure is temporary.

Sherbrooke Falls Circuit - Dandenong Ranges National Park - Kallista - Victoria

Part of Sherbrooke Track


Sherbrooke Falls Circuit - Dandenong Ranges National Park - Kallista - Victoria

Sherbrooke Creek above the falls


I didn’t see much in the way of wildlife on this walk (probably due to the rain) but on my way back down Sherbrooke Road afterwards, I had to stop for a Lyrebird to cross the road.


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