Welcome to the third part of my “Travel the world by time-lapse” series. I’ve put together another ten videos for you to check out. This one includes a couple of the best ones I’ve seen. It was supposed to be the last but I’ve stumbled across a whole bunch more, so stay tuned for the final post in the series.

From cloudscapes and celestial motion to the finer details of insects and plants as they grow, time-lapse photography is one of the most beautiful ways to capture the natural world.

Since I’m constantly stumbling across more and more stunning examples of short time-lapse sequences online, I thought I’d collate the best of what I’ve found and share them with you as a monthly series. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Tip: The videos are much more impressive in full-screen. The full-screen button is the four arrows at the bottom-right of the video.


Redwood I by Steven Poe


Timelapse Crane Emmy Reel by Paulo Castillo


Water Lilies Blooming by Vincenzo Di Nuzzo


Landscapes: Volume Two by Dustin Farrell


Anchorage By Winter by Zan Butler


HDR Skies – Part 2 by Tanguy Louvigny


The Peak by Christian Mülhauser


Dawn Above the Cloud Sea by James Leng


Mt. Hehuan with sea of clouds & Milky Way by HD Taiwan


Scuttle Snails by Chase Rees


Have I missed any brilliant time-lapse videos? Please let us know by commenting below.

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