We’ve all been caught out without waterproof gear when the weather turns unexpectedly during a hike.

Sometimes it’s nice to just embrace it, be present, and feel every drop of rain hit your skin. Other times (on longer hikes for example), being saturated isn’t something we really need to deal with.

I tend to find myself running for the nearest shelter, or just picking up the pace if I’m nearing the end of a hike, but it always feels like I’m only making the problem worse. I’d always wondered if this was actually the case until I stumbled across this video on one of my favourite YouTube channels, MinutePhysics.

If you’ve wondered the same, or if you just love physics as much as I do, check out the video when you have a spare minute…


Do you have any other hiking questions that can be answered by simple physics? If you’ve got anything to say about it, please leave a comment below.