Clinging to the top of Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain, in China’s Hunan Province, is a glass walkway that has been dubbed the Walk of Faith. At 1,430 metres above sea-level it isn’t hard to see how it got its name.

The 61 metre long, 1 metre wide walkway is made of 6 cm thick glass. Tianmen Mountain National Forest Park regulations state that tourists using the walkway must wear anti-slip shoe covers to keep the glass clean, but I’d be more concerned with, well you know, slipping.

The park is filled with a myriad of incredible looking attractions, both man-made and natural. With a network of trails connecting the attractions, this would be a great place to visit for a day walk with a difference. It’s going straight to my bucket-list.

This somewhat dodgy amateur video shows what it would be like to walk the walkway (although I’d prefer to see it sans-fog)…


[via Smith Journal]


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