Not too long ago camping was considered to be a hardcore sport and only people who had the desire to be ‘roughing it’ could stand the cold, wet nights out in the woods. From sleeping on the uneven ground to waking up stiff and full of body aches – camping was tough.

Fast forward to today, camping has come a long way (it can even be luxurious) and the options for comfort are flooding the market – think beds and double sleeping bags. Imagine waking up after a long night’s rest in your tent and feeling amazing. It’s totally possible nowadays, especially if you have the right camp mattress.

The options for the best camping mattress in Australia vary in size, thickness, and materials used. From basic foam sleeping mats to the best self-inflating mattress, we’ve covered all the options and done the research for you to find the best camping mattress in Australia.

You will find the top reviews of the products we tested and a buyer’s guide to help you make the most informative decision based on your needs.

The top choices for best camping mattress

Zempire is a camping empire built by a married couple who had a passion for the outdoors. All of Zempire’s best camping mattresses were designed with comfort in mind, easy to use and to transport. They offer a few different choices for the best camping mattress in Australia, and we want to show you our top picks and reasons for choosing Zempire above all the rest. ​

Zempire Monstamat Camp Mat [TOP CHOICE]

Available Sizes: Single, King Single, and Twin.

Zempire Monstamat Mattress

We found these mats to be the most comfortable and the best camping mattress on the market. They are super easy, self-inflating, and the best camping mattresses with an incredible stretch fabric that keeps the noise to a minimum while inflating. They are like the Cadillac for the best camping mattress – luxury at its finest. What we liked the most:

  • 360° One-way valve for ease with inflation and deflation
  • 3D Construction and durability with the 75D TPU base
  • Cross cored foam for fast inflation (bonus: kept us warm through the night.)
  • Easy to use carry bag with compression strap

Zempire MonstaLite Thermo

Available Sizes: Single.

Monstalite Thermo Matress
We found the MonstaLite Thermo single sleeping mat to be the best camping mattress for extreme temperatures. The extra thermal layer really keeps you warm during your winter camping adventures. What we liked the most:

  • Thermal layer with 75D poly Pongee Base
  • Carry bag that doubles as a pump
  • TPU bladder

Zempire Bomberpad 3D Camp Mattress

Available Sizes: Single and Twin.

Zempire Bomberpad Mattress

When it comes to getting a peaceful night’s rest while camping, the Bomberpad 3D best camping mattress does not disappoint. It’s quiet for tossing and turning, easy to self-inflate, and insulated.

What we liked the most:

  • Wave contoured 3D Design
  • Open-cell foam for quick inflation
  • Compact and easy to carry

Next Up, Coleman Best Camping Mattresses For Australia

Coleman has been around a long time and serving campers worldwide with their range of products. Their best camping mattress choices are back to the basics, quality made, and the most affordable brand that you can rely on for all your camping needs.

Coleman All-Terrain Airbed [BEST VALUE]

Available Sizes: XL Single, Queen Single High, and Queen Double High.

Coleman All Terrain Queen Double High Airbed

This brand new series from Coleman has been a great addition to their choices for the best camping mattress. The All-Terrain line is made from Puncture Guard bonded fabric that gives a soft comfortable feel.

What we liked most:

  • Leak-Free Airtight System
  • Wrap ‘N’ Roll Feature
  • Double Lock Valve (Dual-Sealed)

Fits Standard Bed Sheets

Coleman Queen Size Double High Quickbed

Available Sizes: Queen Double High.

Coleman Queen Size Double High Quickbed

When it comes to ease and comfort, the Queen Double High Quickbed has it all including extra comfort from the rayon-flocked top. It’s durable and made with heavy-duty PVC material that you can trust to hold up over the years.

What we liked most:

  • Height And Comfort (Like Sleeping On A Cloud)
  • Built-In 240V Pump
  • Luxurious Comfort Design With Soft Suede Top
  • Carry Bag Included

The best of the rest


Available Sizes: Single and Jumbo Single.

Oztrail Camp Mat

If you are looking for simplicity, then the OzTrail camping mats are as simple as they come with a foam mat and removable cover. These are great for last-minute weekend trips and offer you the comfort needed to get a better night’s rest than sleeping on the ground.

What we liked most:

  • Water Resistant And Easy To Clean
  • Easy To Carry And Store
  • No Need For Inflating

BlackWolf Hexatherm 2D Mega Deluxe​

Available Sizes: Single and Double.

The incredible design of the 2D Mega Deluxe makes setup and cleanup super easy with the self-inflating option. We found these best camping mattresses to be excellent when moving around because they remain in place regardless of how much you toss and turn through the night.

What we liked most:

  • Lightweight, Size, And Thickness
  • Non-Slip Base
  • Repair Kit And Lifetime Warranty

Exped DeepSleep Mat 7.5

Available Sizes: Single and Double.

With the edge-to-edge 3D comfort design and 7.5cm of open-cell foam, you will be sure to get a good night’s rest. This best camping mattress gives the feel of sleeping in your bed at home while enjoying the great outdoors.

What we liked most:

  • MegaMat Technology
  • Micro Brushed 75D Polyester Fabric Top
  • X-Large Deflation Valve

Darche All Terrain Self Inflating Mattress

Available Sizes: 900 Wide, 1100 Wide and 1400 Wide.

Oztrail Camp Mat

The rugged and quality design from Darche All Terrain self-inflating camping mattresses are perfect for enjoying the great outdoors. Even the repair kit and carry bag with reinforced webbing handles are top-notch.

What we liked most:

  • Waterproof 300D Oxford With PVC Bottom Coated
  • Curved Corner Design For Easy Installation
  • Excellent Sound Absorption
  • High-Density Open Cell Foam

Whether you are a beginner looking to enjoy the wonderful world of camping or the experienced die-hard that looks forward to tough terrains, we all can agree that getting the best camping mattress makes all the difference in the world.

Inside look at our buyers guide

Once you’ve decided on the size for the best mattress for camping, you need to consider a few other things as well. Comfort is upfront, but weather and mould resistance also play a huge deciding factor as well.

Variations Of Mattresses

First, let’s think about the convenience the best self-inflating mattress for camping can provide and how it can make life a lot easier. But you also need to consider the distance you will be on foot carrying your mattress to your campsite location because the weight will definitely play a huge role in your decision making.

Sleeping mats can be lighter due to the foam they are made with, however; they won’t give you the feel of your bed at home. If you want to sleep as good as you do at home, consider the Coleman Queen Size Double High Quickbed w/Built-In 240V Pump – it’s like sleeping on a cloud of air.

Also, keep in mind transporting the bag with the best camping mattress – if you are travelling by car or RV, this is not an issue, but if you are on a motorcycle, bike, or foot mainly, then you will want to pay very close attention to the comfort when carrying your mattress and how well it can be stored on your transportation.

What Size And Thickness Is Best?

This will depend on the size of your tent or sleeping accommodations and how many people need to fit comfortably on the same best camping mattress. We thoroughly enjoyed the different options Darche All Terrain Self Inflating Mattresses offered (Available Sizes: 900 Wide, 1100 Wide, and 1400 Wide) and were able to sleep comfortably with two adults all night long.

Remember to consider your space, you don’t want the best camping mattress to be sticking out of your tent or not fit at all – so be sure to take all the measurements into consideration.

Note: If camping in the wild or in extreme weather conditions, we encourage you to take into consideration whether the best camping mattress you chose is weather resistant – it can make all the difference.

Wrapping Up

We hope you enjoyed our review and guide for getting the best camping mattress in Australia. After testing and reviewing all the best camping mattresses, we are confident that you have all the details needed to get your very own best camping mattress.

Disclaimer: The above links are affiliate links, meaning I will be given a percentage of all purchases. This doesn’t mean you pay anything extra and doesn’t influence the opinions I have presented in this article in any way.
Got any recommendations for the best camping mattresses? If you have any stories, updates or corrections, please let us know by commenting below.

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