Glamping: n. a form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping.


Some in the outdoors community turn their noses up at the term ‘glamping’, but I disagree.

I guess I can see where they’re coming from. There’s something pure about sleeping under the stars in a tent you’ve erected yourself, not to mention getting dirty as hell and not having access to a shower. But I don’t see why glamping has to be some kind of an affront to the purists.

There are few things I like more than taking off for a few days with everything I need to survive on my back. I even get a kick out of my multi-day hiking stench and the brown shower water running off me when I return home. The thing is I love luxury almost as much.

A multi-day solo hike and a few nights spent with all the creature comforts, and some hiking in between, are two equally desirable experiences for me. I don’t see anything wrong with that.

Wouldn’t it be a bad thing if the only way people could engage with the natural world was by roughing it completely? Far fewer people would enjoy the benefits of a connection to nature, and there’d be less incentive for governments to protect wild spaces, from an economic and social standpoint. I’d dare to say we’d have even fewer remaining wilderness areas than we do now.

That’s why when I recently heard from the good folk at Glamping Hub, a worldwide glamping accommodation bookings portal, I was more than happy to work with them. They’ve got glamping accommodation options all over Australia, from luxury tents and cabins, to tree-houses, tipis and yurts. I haven’t seen anything else like it anywhere else online, and (now that I know about them) I’ll be using them to entice my Lori away for future special occasions.

Lori and I are getting married in February and, although we’re not having a proper honeymoon until March/April, we didn’t want to go straight back to work after our wedding. I had a look through Glamping Hub’s offerings and I’ve found us a luxury cottage in the Dandenongs. We’re only there for a night, but I’m sure we can fit in a couple of short hikes while we’re there. Glamping Hub have been nice enough to put us up there, in exchange for this post and another one reviewing our stay.

Anyways, if you’re down with my view on glamping, it’s probably worth you checking out Glamping Hub too. Here are a few options around Australia that caught my eye…

  • An eco beach glamping resort, just an hour out of Broome, with canvas eco-tents right on the beach.
  • A luxury treehouse in the Blue Mountains, accessed via a suspended bridge.
  • Luxury tipis that are 50 minutes from Hobart in a rainforest reserve, surrounded by 5km of walking tracks

See where I’m coming from? Picking up what I’m putting down? Then head over to Glamping Hub and see what’s on offer.


This post was brought to you by Bushwalking Blog and Glamping Hub. Though they’re providing me with a free night of accommodation, this in no way influences the opinions I’ve expressed in this blog post, and it won’t influence my review of the accommodation either.


What do you think about glamping? If you have any stories, or anything at all to say, please let us know by commenting below.