Last Visited: 15/01/2010
Length (km): approx. 5.8
Time (hrs/min): 2 hours 30 mins
Grade: Easy/Moderate
Return / Circuit / One-Way / Partial Circuit: Return
Region: Western Victora
Park: Werribee Gorge State Park
Closest Town: Bacchus Marsh (11.5 km)
Maximum Elevation: approx. 403 m (according to
Total Ascent: approx. 220 m (according to
Further Details / Source(s): This is walk #24 in Daywalks Around Melbourne (by Glenn Tempest – available in many bookstores). The Falcons Lookout walk is listed in the ParkWeb Park Note Werribee Gorge State Park – Visitor Guide but does not include the (2.8 km return) Ingliston Granites section.
Car Access: From the main street of Bacchus Marsh, follow the signs to Geelong and then turn right at the roundabout just before the railway line (onto Griffith Street). Turn right into McCormack Road after approximately 2 km and after a further 2 km, turn right into Ballan-Ingliston Road (aka Ironbark Road). You will cross a railway line after about 6 km and after a few hundred metres there is a small carpark on the right. The hike is signed from here.


Much of the track follows the bed of a creek so you may not want to attempt this after heavy rain. Head north on Ironbark Track, descending into Ironbark Gorge. Follow the creek for nearly 1 km on an easy to follow but very rocky track (watch out for snakes!) and then up the hill away from the creek bed.

You will soon reach a signed junction where you should follow the sign to the right, heading to Falcon’s Lookout. The views of the Werribee Gorge from here are amazing! Be careful as none of the cliffs are fenced, due to the fact that this is a popular rock-climbing spot.

Falcon's Lookout - Werribee Gorge State Park
Falcon’s Lookout


Retrace your steps back to the junction and follow the sign heading the opposite way (to Ingliston Granites). After a short distance you will find a fence, which you should follow down into a hollow and then to the left. When you reach a gate, don’t go through it but rather follow the fence a little further to the right. There is a group of granite boulders here on the spur which mark a great spot to sit and look over a different section of Werribee Gorge and across to Ingliston Granites. Retrace your steps back to the car from here. The section of the hike to Ingliston Granites borders farmland, so it is not the most exciting hiking but in the end it is well worthwhile for the views.

The "track" to Ingliston Granites (just follow the fence) - Werribee Gorge State Park
The “track” to Ingliston Granites (just follow the fence)


Ingliston Granites - Werribee Gorge State Park
Ingliston Granites


Ironbark Track (on the way back to the car) - Werribee Gorge State Park
Ironbark Track (on the way back to the car)



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