Are you in the beginning stages of planning your next outdoor getaway and your sights are set on a hiking adventure in the United States? The US offers a wide array of outdoor opportunities, scenery, and trails to explore – from short sight-seeing trails through to the epic long-distance hikes you’ve no doubt heard of. For that reason, planning a hiking adventure can be so overwhelming, as there are a lot of variables to consider. Here are some basic tips you can use to help you plan a hiking adventure in the US that meets all your expectations.


Pick a Destination

A good starting point is to pick a destination that you want to focus on in the US. With so many states offering up hiking trails and opportunities, this may be harder than you think. Below are a few of the most notable states for hiking. Keep in mind that you’ll also need to factor in the time of year that you book your holiday.

Virginia – while not a massive state, it packs a lot into its borders. In particular, you may want to visit Arlington, known as the safest place to live in USA. It combines a city atmosphere that is surrounded by natural beauty perfect for exploring. You can spend your days in nature, and then your evenings exploring the city. There are trails both within the city and just outside, and they vary in skill level, so there’s something for everyone.

Montana is known for having an astounding number of hiking trails that cover over 700 miles. That’s a whole lot of hiking ahead of you. Not only that, but they are extremely remote, so you’ll be treated to gorgeous flora and fauna as well as wildlife. These trails are perfect for those who also like to camp.

Then we have California which, thanks to its location, offers year-round hiking opportunities. You can hike the coastline or the interior – whatever suits you.

Know the Weather

As alluded to above, when picking the destination, you also need to be mindful of the weather. Not every state offers year-round hiking opportunities. The further north you look in the country, the colder the winters will be, thereby limiting your opportunities. If crowds are something you don’t love, then you will also want to familiarize yourself with the high versus low travel periods. The weather conditions will also factor into your packing, as you need to be sure you’re well prepared.

Map Out Your Daily Adventures

It’s also a good idea to map out your daily hikes and adventures so you cover the ground you want, and you don’t end up lost on a longer trail. You can even do some research in advance, checking out the local trails and looking at their skill level, terrain, and length.

If you’re ready to experience hiking in the United States for the first time, these tips are bound to prove useful. It’s all about proper planning, choosing the destination and trail wisely, and making the most of your time.

Where have you been hiking in the USA? Where do you have on your bucket list? If you have any stories, updates or corrections, please let us know by commenting below.